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Stuart Schoffman Discusses the Palestinian UN Bid

SHI Fellow and Havruta Editor Stuart.Schoffman discusses the Palestinians' UN membership bid in September 2011 with IBA, English TV News ... tags: abbas abu-mazen east lebanon middle palestine palestinians

George Galloway Savages Sky News!

Classic George Galloway, tearing apart an interviewer who is just a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda Shouting over him, ignoring his ... tags: Galloway Gaza georgegallowaydotcom Israel Lebanon Palestine Terrorism

Mosaic News - 11/30/11: Turkey Imposes Ecomonic Sanctions on Syria

UK expels Iranian diplomats over embassy storming, Turkey slaps economic sanctions on Syria as Assad's forces storm Dael, angry protestors ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Assad Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Gulf Initiatve Hariri Assassination

Hamas' Illegitimacy

The Truth About Hamas The Hamas terrorist organization is the ruling entity of the Gaza Strip. Since taking over the Gaza ... tags: Demonstration Election Freedom idfnadesk Lebanon Middle Middle East

Free Syrian Army vows to protect civilians

Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive video of members of the self-styled Free Syrian Army which is made up of pro-democracy protesters and ... tags: Al aljazeera Beirut defectors English exclusive Free Syrian Army

CIA Outsmarted by Hezbollah

Hezbollah captured several US spies damaging CIA operations in Lebanon. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur shares the details. Sources ... tags: cia cia hezbollah cia lebanon hezbollah hezbollah cia hezbollah spies lebanon

Lebanese support grows for Syria's Assad

The Lebanese government was against Syria's suspension from the Arab League, and that decision increased tension between many of Lebanon's ... tags: Al Al Jazeera aljazeera Beirut English jazeera Lebanon

Najwa Karam voting for Jeita Grotto.mp4

11/08/11 The Lebanese singer, Najwa Karam , shams el oughniya el loubnaniya, votes for Jeita Grotto and calls people to support ... tags: arabic singer jeita lebanonarabic singerjeitajeita grottolebanon

Standing by Assad, Lebanon's Alawites watch and wait

In the impoverished Jabal Mohsen area of the port city of Tripoli in north Lebanon, a small Alawite community is watching anxiously as ... tags: ALAWITE LEBANON POLITICS SYRIA UNRESTALAWITELEBANON

Lebanese politicians trade punches in Syria spat

11/15/11 Rival Lebanese politicians have exchanged blows on live TV after a heated discussion on the crisis in neighbouring Syria. ... tags: Lebanon PoliticseuronewsLebanonPolitics