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Filling a wine barrel with 55 gallons of homebrewed beer!

NJHOPZ members pool their batches of Oud Bruin together into an oak wine barrel. tags: 75 ale barrel beer brew brewhemoth bruin


11/17/11 Unfriend written by Jason Torres, Jimmy Allman, Alisa Glembotski, Chrissi Jackson, Nancy Li and Gene Geter. tags: Alisa Allman block breakup Chrissi College comedy

Homebrew Cornelius keg disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, quick-connect anatomy

A little more detailed information on the bits and pieces of a Corny keg, along with the anatomy of ball-lock quick connects. tags: 75 ball beer brew clean connect cornelius

Wrestlers Attack an Underground Strength Circuit

11/11/11 - Avoid the 7 Fatal flaws of wrestling strength conditioning NJ Wrestlers can find us at ... tags: ahr bishop keg lifting plainfield roselle park wrestling south

Nvidia 3D Space Keg and Drunk Tap Computer and UFO

Nvidia 3D Space Keg Computer and UFO aliens tech funny entertainment review Gifts Holidays Christmas Presents Gift Guide tags: 3D aliens and Beer Christmas Computer drunk

Rocket City Rednecks - Redneck Code Red

Rocket City Rednecks 20000 Kegs Under the Sea WED SEP 28 10p et/pt Travis and Michael get into some ... tags: 000 Kegs Under the Sea ballast carbon dioxide scrubber city DIY keg rednecks

Rory Gilmore... Nobody's Perfect

No Copyright. I heard this song the other day and had to make a video to it. If I could write a song and sing it... this would be it. I ... tags: Alexis break colin crying Dean fight fin

Downtown Brown - "I Got A Poot In My Boot" DC-Jam Records

- Downtown Brown - 'I Got A Poot In My Boot' - Like this video Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. ... tags: beer Detroit downtown brown Fishbone Grabbletons Beach hard rock heavy metal