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EXTREME! DVD Promo video

ORDER NOW at 'Imperfection Training' methods for superhuman strength, health power potential. tags: defranco dvd extreme imperfection injury james joedefranco POWER! Dumbell-Drop Method

Nick Rettenmyer performs Dumbell Drop Hurdle Hops into Broad Jump in preparation of the USA Skeleton Push Titles. To learn more about this ... tags: dvd explosive gym joedefranco jump nick plyos 650lb. Super Yoke carry!

Every time Troy Valberg comes to Jersey to train, he PR's from his previous visit This video shows Troy taking 650lbs. on the Super Yoke ... tags: 650 gym joedefranco pounds power strength strongman - 385lb. chin-up!!!

Mike Guadango yes he's STILL here crushes a chin-up with 175lbs plus his bodyweight for a total of 385lbs tags: chin Guadango Gym joedefranco Mike pull up German intern earns his "A"!!

German intern, Daniel Kadlec, performs prowler suicides as one of our new volleyball clients from Italy enjoys the view DeFranco's Gym is ... tags: german gym intern italy joedefranco mental nations Keith Williams Footwork drills

Keith Williams works on his back pedal and some other football specific drills. tags: back cornerback defensive drills football gym joedefranco Lowell Robinson runs a 4.33 40-yard dash!

Lowell Robinson moved to NJ three months ago to be closer to DeFranco's Gym, in order to re-dedicate himself to becoming the world-class ... tags: 40 combine dash football gym joedefranco lowell Keith Williams runs a 4.21 40-yard dash!!

Dear NFL coaches and scouts You have overlooked this kid long enough This dude runs a 4.2- 40, bench presses 405 and vertical jumps ... tags: 40 combine dash football gym joedefranco keith World-Class Alpine Snowboarder shows insane relative strength!

Switzerland's Nevin Galmarini performs Suspended Chain Single Leg Squats with 165 lbs. at a bodyweight of 161 lbs... for 8 reps ... tags: alpine balance flexibility galmarini gym joedefranco nevin