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Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 8GB DDR3 Memory Review

11/30/11 for latest pricing 1 PC Hardware Reviews for your Gaming Rig - PCWizKid is devoted to all those in need of help with your PC ... tags: 8GB bridge Computer cpu DDR3 DDR3 SDRAM division

Secure64 DNS Cache and Why Secure DNS Matters

Secure64 DNS Cache is a high performance secure caching name server solution designed to withstand DDoS, protect against man-in-the-middle ... tags: DNS Cache Hewlett-Packard HP hpdiscover Intel Itanium lockergnome

Newegg TV: 3, 2, 1, Build Sweepstakes - Thanks to our 50000 subscribers!

11/23/11 We are overjoyed -- 50000 subscribers To celebrate this momentous occasion which, by our calculations, should happen shortly ... tags: 50k adata ASUS build Combo Contest cooler

More Info on the MacBook Situation

So this is a more detailed description of what's going on with my system. Also, I did forget one thing. I'm told that when I talk to people ... tags: 695 Chip Intel Issues macbook Macintosh Processor

Tech Update #116 Defenestrating Equestrians

We here at TigerTV like using big words sometimes, and we've been using the episode title around the office a lot lately, not because we ... tags: 116 Defenestrating documentary Equestrian game gold heat

Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg: Why The 'Wait' Is Over

How companies such as Intel and HP have helped revolutionize animation and the impact it will have on the rest of the business world in the ... tags: Animation Dreamworks Hollywood HP Intel NASDAQ:DWA New Movies

Toshiba Portege Z830: The Ultimate Mobile Office Ultrabook

Combine mobility with efficiency with the thin and lightweight Toshiba Portege Z830. This powerful mini-Laptop 'Ultrabook' allows you to ... tags: Core i5 Core i7 getconnectedtvshow Intel Laptop Lightweight Mobile Office

Newegg TV: Small Business Server Build with Intel & Microsoft (Part 1: BUILD)

11/17/11 http Own a small business or considering starting one Well, you just might need a server Join Paul in this 3-part series as ... tags: build Computer deals electronics intel microsoft Microsoft Windows

Newegg TV: Small Business Server Build with Intel & Microsoft (Part 2: RAID)

11/17/11 http Now that our build is complete watch Part I if you missed it, it's on to the BIOS Paul continues his server endeavor ... tags: build Computer deals electronics intel microsoft Microsoft Windows

Newegg TV: 32 in 32 Challenge from Intel & Newegg

11/18/11 Here's your first chance to win a 3960X CPU from Intel -- head over to our Facebook page and check out all the details ... tags: 2nd 32 32 in 32 32nm 3960X computer Contest

Newegg TV: The Intel Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 3960X 3930K CPUs & Socket 2011 X79 Platform

11/18/11 CPUs Enthusiasts everywhere have reason to celebrate, as Intel has released the their new Socket 2011 computing ... tags: 2011 2nd 3630K 3690X bridge chipset chipsets