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"Sorry Grandpa, but it's Time to Put You Down."

I love humans more than animals therefore I want to drag their suffering out longer Uh-huh.... The original video mentioned is here ... tags: 13 blog caring euthanasia Family Grandma Grandparent

Inclement Weather Driving Tips

This video provides wintry weather driving tips. has the complete story. tags: AAA Auto automobiles Channel insurance safety The

Google Earth top 5: Most Dangerous Intersections.

11/20/11 The most dangerous intersections in the US..Car insurance anyone http tags: car crash dangerous getop insurance intersections streets

Newt Opposes Health Insurance Mandates

With respect to President Obama's health insurance mandate, Newt believes it is an unprecedented and unconstitutional expansion of federal ... tags: Baier Bret Buy Campaign Center Clinton Foundation

Accident at the Mille Miglia NA

At this years Mille Miglia North American Tribute driver Alain de Cadenet flew up on stage at the finish line with bad breaks. This created ... tags: Accident Alain American Automobile Beautiful Cadenet California

Why do I need to get Smart Insurance?

In life, there are many things that can set you back financially, like a death in the family, or the loss of property. That is why you need ... tags: car insurance debt protection disability insurance financial loss funeral cover household insurance insurance

eyeball crap

Tom Megalis talks about seeing his after experiencing flashing lights and something called floaters. WTF tags: care cornea detachedretina Detachment disease eyeball floaters

Activist Keith Haley: FEMA Forcing 'Flood Insurance' on Low Income Americans!

Here is my situation, you might be in the same boat as I am in ... Please look over and take action... You probably put up a video like I ... tags: Activist Alex Channel Excecutive Flood Haley