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Inside Story: Israel urged to end regional isolation

Inside Story, discusses with guests Abdallah Schleifer, professor of Journalism at the American University in Cairo Gregg Roman, deputy ... tags: Abdallah Schleifer Al aljazeera Arab Spring cengiz aktar English Gregg Roman

Inside Story - The impact of economic sanctions on Syria

Arab states try to cut commercial ties with President Bashar al-Assad's government in response to violence in Syria. We discuss with guests ... tags: Al al Jazeera aljazeera Arab League Arab Spring English inside story

Inside Story - Egyptian military's quandary

Loosing popular support, or giving into revloution demands and loosing their empire With guests Mona Makram-Ebeid, Ahmed Salah, and Talaat ... tags: Ahmed Salah Al English inside story insidestory Jazeera Military

Inside Story - Spain's boom to bust

Can a new leadership in Spain rescue a country that is heading into another recession With guests Raul Ramirez Hidalgo, Adam Myers, and ... tags: Adam Myers al Jazeera aljazeera economy elections Eurozone inside story

Inside Story - Syria's civil war?

Where is Syria heading, and what can a divided international community do about it Guests of the show Mustafa el-Labbad, Dimitry Babich, ... tags: Abdulhamit Bilici aljazeera Dimitry Babich inside story insidestory Mustafa el-Labbad syria

Inside Story - Gas consumption on the up

Could an OPEC-style gas cartel eventually emerge Guests on the show Saadallah Al-Fathi, Flynt Leverett, and Shadi Hamid. tags: al Jazeera aljazeera Flynt Leverett gas cartel inside story insidestory OPEC

Inside Story - Can the Arab League end bloodshed in Syria?

As the Arab League warns to suspend Syria, the Assad government is under mounting pressure to end the violence. Inside Story discusses with ... tags: aljazeera bashar al-assad damascus Ghias al-Jundi ian black inside story insidestory

Inside Story - Italy: Too big to bail out?

As the debt crisis in Italy is sending shockwaves across Europe, we ask if radical change is the only way forward. inside Story discusses ... tags: Adam Myers aljazeera bailout berlusconi financial crisis Georgi Gotev inside story

Inside Story - Species selection - to save or die

Scientists call for abandoning the endangered species that cost too much to save and are destined to become extinct. Guests on the show ... tags: aljazeera conservation environment inside story insidestory murray rudd paul goldenstein