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Bikes and Broken Bones Trailer - Ben Heidrich

12/02/11 for more FMX Videos 'Bikes and Broken Bones' is an award winning documentary that captures the essence of extreme sports the rush, ... tags: Accident accidents back flip backflip cancan Crash Dirt

Dude Electrocuted!! Relationship Fail

tags electrocuted electrocution electricity shocked burned injury injuries fail fail fail tags: advice burned counseling electricity electrocuted electrocution fail

Zach Krych Injury & Comeback

Video of my injury, rehab, and return to Olympic Weightlifting. injury was 2/25/2009, not 2008. oops tags: Accident clean and jerk dislocation injury josh garrels lifting Olympic Weightlifting

The Bodega Brovas: "Headkrack goes to the hospital" (Ahhh Pt. 2)

While at a video shoot Headkrack gets pushed onto a screw which resulted in Krack having to get stitches and a tetnus shot. tags: Blood Funny Headkrack Hippnott Records Injury Kevin Nottingham Keynote

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up: Shoulder Strength Exercise

Certified Kettlebell trainer Mike Pellegrini demonstrates to the Turkish Get-Up Kettlebell exercise that will help ensure ... tags: advice cardio cardiovascular demo demonstration exercise fitness

AMWA: Episode 5 (AMWA Championship Tournament Rounds 1 & 2!)

ROUND 1 Jamie Anderson vs. Chris Tiffer Ryuu vs. Grey Fox Justin Henry vs. Zabuza Quicksilver vs. Stray ROUND 2 Winner of Match 3 vs. ... tags: 2011 44 AMWA Back Backyard botch captaincharisma

Trip & Fall in New York; What You Need to Know About 'Notice'

11/20/11 When you trip on an uneven sidewalk in New York, how do you know if you have a valid case If you slip on black ice in a ... tags: accident bronx brooklyn fall falls injury lawmed

Epic Student Film Stunt Fail

These guys may or may not be the next Spielberg or Scorsese, but they got some good stuff for the deleted scenes. Check out this student ... tags: Break Break Media Fail Fail Shoot Film Shoot Fail Funny