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Indigenous Canadians left out in the cold

Politicians in Canada are wrangling over a housing crisis in the remote First Nations community of Attawapiskatt. Where temperatures can ... tags: Al al jazeera aljazeera Attawapiskatt canada English Hage

Orang Rimba

A very short visit to a tribe living in the Jungle of Sumatra. I love singing, and if singing makes people happy... I'll sing tags: anak dalam indigenous indonesia ixtland rimba sumatra

Tribal Land Claims: A Generation of Federal Indian Law on the Edge

The Library Channel is pleased to present the eighth installment of The Simon Ortiz and Labriola Center Lecture on Indigenous Land, ... tags: courts education indian indigenous land claim lecture native american

Hopi of Arizona and Mayans of Yucatan - Great Civilizations

Things don't mean that we are civilized. Over centuries Western people have introduced Western style of 'civilization, culture and ... tags: 66 Arizona castle Christopher Columbus Crater first

Wukoki Trail - Sacred Ground - so who discovered America?

Thousands of years before Columbus 'discovered' America civilizations flourished in North, Central and South America. In Arizona great ... tags: 66 Arizona castle Christopher Columbus Crater first

Hopi Prophecy

When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge.. The Hopi settled in the area now known as ... tags: 66 Arizona castle Christopher Columbus Crater first

Ngöbe-Buglé school in the jungle

I was sitting around the hotel getting bored contemplating riding home when a girl walked over and asked if I wanted to see her school. I ... tags: comarca halfthrottle high school indigenous Indigenous Peoples natives ngobe bugle

Bolivian protesters use official as shield

Amazonian indigenous groups in Bolivia have staged massive protests for more than a week against a government highway project imposed on ... tags: amazonian americasnews azhar english groups indigenous jazeera

Oil Gateway

09/16/11 Stop the Flows is the working title for subMedia.TV's next project. Over the next five years we will document resistance ... tags: indigenous keystone pipeline resistance stimulator tar sandsenbridge