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UFC Championship TKO vs Submission win Ratio with Tom Gavrilos

Tom Gavrilos expands on the question of TKO vs Submission victories in UFC Championship fights between 2001 to 2010. This question was ... tags: 101 championship gavrilos grappling Martial Mixed Martial Arts Mma

MMA Corner with Tom Gavrilos: KO and Being hit hard feeling

Got a question Ask Tom Here Tom talks about what it feels like to get hit hard or knocked out in MMA. tags: 101 BJJ gavrilos grappling Karate knocked KO

The Omoplata Shoulder Lock: Revisited

The omoplata his a leg over shoulder lock that is very common in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. We have several videos on how to defend against it as ... tags: 101 Arts bjj brazilian gracie grappling jitsu

Omoplata Shoulder Lock

The omoplata shoulder lock from the guard position is a common attack in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It takes time to understand how to control ... tags: 101 arts bjj brazilian grappling jitsu jiu

Matt "the Joker" Kaiser Highlight Be First Championship #5

Matt competed and won the round robin tourney in the advanced nogi division on Oct 1 2011. tags: 101 10th advanced armbar Arts be competition

Bread Cutter Choke with Barry Philips

Barry Phillips shows a few variations of the bread cutter choke from side control and north south position. Contact Gracie Barra Chicago ... tags: 101 barra brazilian bread chicago choke chokes

Defense against the Americana (Key Lock) from Mount

The window of opportunity to defend against the mounted Americana is short. Here is a last ditch option when your opponent is going for the ... tags: 101 Arts bjj brazilian defense gracie grappling

Scissor Sweep from the Guard Position: Tips and Tricks

The Scissor Sweep is a basic sweep found at the start of all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. It is high percentage if done quickly and set up ... tags: 101 arts bjj brazilian gracie grappling guard