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John Xenakis of Generational Dynamics

Warren Edward Pollock wepollock interviews John J. Xenakis. John is an MIT grad, a journalist, writer, technologist, researcher and analyst ... tags: analysis celente dynamics edward forecasting forth fourth

LaRouchePAC World in Review · October 27, 2011

Who made the rules by which you think you are supposed to act, especially in this time of existential crisis Only by rising above these ... tags: Daily Report ForecastingDaily ReportForecastingObamawatch

LaRouchePAC Q4 - Man in the Galaxy, or Man Under Obama-

The counterpoint between the prospects for mankind in the galaxy under a trans-Pacific orientation, and what we have here in the United ... tags: Forecasting WebcastsForecastingSpaceWebcasts

LaRouchePAC Q3 - Energy-Flux-Density and Economy

An elaboration on the question of energy-flux-density and economy, from the standpoint of the evolution of species. How human beings can ... tags: Forecasting WebcastsForecastingSpaceWebcasts

LaRouchePAC Q2 - NAWAPA and the Trans-Pacific Orientation

NAWAPA coheres with the initiatives coming our of Russia, but also represents the colonization of the arctic, as well as our interaction ... tags: Forecasting WebcastsForecastingSpaceWebcasts

LaRouchePAC Q1 - The Basis of the Credit System

How is it that the process of building physical wealth is the basis for a restoration of our credit as a currency tags: Forecasting WebcastsForecastingSpaceWebcasts

LaRouchePAC Webcast 09.30.2011 - Live National Address

Lyndon LaRouche delivers his live National Address. How would a real President respond to the potential constellation of leading powers ... tags: Forecasting WebcastsForecastingSpaceWebcasts

Just Ask with April Warnecke

Shannon asks.. 3TV's April Warnecke... how did you get into Forecasting Have a question Just Ask. tags: april-warnecke AZFAMILYCOM forecasting just-ask news3tvapril-warnecke

Predicting Urban Crime? There's an Equation for That

Complete video at Theoretical physicist Geoffrey B. West discusses his work developing a model to formulate predictions about a ... tags: city data equation fora foratv forecast

Biblical Weather Prophecy Comedy Sketch

Performed by Tom Konkle. Yes Dave and Tom bring their dry British frivolity to the weather and biblical forecasting. Directed by Tom Konkle ... tags: beeler biblical brian christmas christopher comedy david