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National Geographic Live! - Part Ape, Part Human: The Fossils of Malapa

Professor Lee Berger and his son stumble across an amazing find in South Africa two-million-year-old fossils of an unknown species of ... tags: australopithecus sediba Cradle of Humankind evolution extinction Geographic hominid lecture

LPACTV Late Night World in Review · November 15, 2011

Prepare for this Saturday's Basement Team National Policy Discussion Webcast. Start by reading Lyndon LaRouche's latest policy paper ... tags: Dum democrats Ed Hamler extinction galaxy human species laroucheDum democrats

A Planet's Cry For Help: Immediate Action Required

11/11/11 -- PLANET EARTH LOVING HOME A Planet's Cry For Help Immediate Action Required. Episode 1791, Air Date 10 August 2011. tags: Action Cry extinction global Help Immediate Master

Is The Traditional Desktop PC Headed For Extinction?

GetConnected hosts AJ Vickery and Mike Agerbo discuss the future of the traditional desktop PC. Sales of desktop PCs are flatlining while ... tags: AJ Vickery Desktop pcs Desktops Discussion DOA Extinction Future

The Fuller Timeline - Documentary Film

Occupy Wall Street Propaganda Money Destabilized Dymaxion Map Science of Polling and Behavioral Control Mainstream Media Blood and Oil ... tags: America and buckminster Chapter Civil conquer Culture

Ocean Chemistry Research

Professor Ariel Anbar of ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration talks discusses how ASU and the University of Cincinnati are planning ... tags: cehmistry extinction mass ocean scienceASUcehmistry

Amazing big cat behaviour - hunting in open water - Battle to Save the Tiger - BBC

When Indian villages are relocated away from tiger strongholds, the species flourishes. Watch some of the best wildlife behaviour ever ... tags: bbcearth Conservation Extinction India Predator TigersBBC

Cranbrook BC will KILL the DEER - YouTube

OMG - Dangerous urban deer roaming in gangs have a British Columbia living in fear. What's a town to do Get a 'contractor' to trap these ... tags: animal animals BC bolt buck cheap conservation

Prediction of Elenin Event and Object in Sky is Spaceship

This is my prediction of what will happen on 9/27/2011, when Elenin is aligned with the Earth and Sun. In my last video, I captured a ... tags: Airport Aliens Bunkers Denver Dr. Earth Earthquake

Extinction - Outnumbered - Series 4 - Episode 3 - BBC One

More about this programme While at adventure camp in the forest, Ben points out the importance of the trees to the human race ... tags: asmatic BBC Ben camp class Daniel Dennis