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Ajax face Olympique Lyonnais in Champions League

Olympique Lyonnais play Ajax on Tuesday in a Champions League Group D clash. tags: AFP AJAX EUR FBL PREVIEWAFPAJAX

Eco-Innovation Summit 2011: UNFCCC's Figueres' Robert Schuman Lecture (Excerpts)

11/10/11 Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC, on Wednesday delivered ... tags: Cancun change Christiana Figueres Climate Change COP17 Durban Eur

Victor Vitanza. Capitalism as Libidinal Economy, the Desiring Body. 2011

11/01/11 Victor Vitanza on Jean-Franois Lyotard's Libidinal Economy. In this lecture he discusses Augustine, Varro, the divine, ... tags: Augustine Bacchus capitalism compossibility Dionysus EGS Eur

Keiser Report: Troika Tanks & Junta Bots (E187)

This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert discuss Vince Cable's 'economic equivalent of war.' They also notice politicians talking ... tags: Aleksandr Lebedev analysis banksters Christine Lagarde economy Eur finance

Keiser Report: Greed of No Boundaries (E179)

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss stiffing the dead in Illinois and reviving the carry trade in Iceland. In the half ... tags: adbusters occupywallstreet analysis banksters carry trade China economy end the fed

Libya - 100 Billion Dollar Freedom and Democracy

Does anyone really believe that freedom and democracy will be in Libya under the rebels These are tribes from different parts of the ... tags: Africa assets bombs brutal CNN Col. Condolesa

BMW 320d Limousine Leas. 356 EUR mtl.

Distance Control PDC, Armauflage, Handyvorbereitung, Geschwindigkeitsregelung, Comfort Paket, Leichtmetallrder, Airbag Fahrer und Beifahrer ... tags: 320d 356 EUR Gebrauchtwagen Leas Limousine Mannheim

BMW 320d Touring Leas. 426 EUR mtl.

Distance Control PDC, Armauflage, Comfort Paket, Innovationspaket, Handyvorbereitung, Geschwindigkeitsregelung, Airbag Fahrer und Beifahrer ... tags: 320d 426 EUR Gebrauchtwagen Leas Mannheim mtl

BMW 316d Touring Leas. 455 EUR mtl.

Distance Control PDC, Armauflage, Sitzverstellung, elektrisch, Sport-Lederlenkrad, Interieurleisten, Geschwindigkeitsregelung, Airbag ... tags: 316d 455 EUR Gebrauchtwagen Leas mtl Stuttgart