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JAXA/NASA/ESA Hinode - Solar Eclipse, November 25, 2011

Unless you're a penguin, you probably didn't see the solar eclipse that occurred last week over Antarctica and portions of South Africa and ... tags: astronomy earth eclipse ESA European Space Agency Hinode JAXA

La stella e l'asteroide

Un asteroide contro una stella, missioni che vanno Mars Science Laboratory, missioni che restano Phobos-Grunt e altre che finiscono ... tags: asteroide astronautica astronomia esa Irinaz msl nanosail d

Mars500 crew complete fake mission - what did they miss?

The ESA crew didn't even get to Mars on their fake mission. Here's ITN's guide to the real news they've missed while they were still on ... tags: 500 control earth esa fake mars mission

Endangered Species Under Attack (Salmon)

Zeke Grader, executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, talks about the importance of salmon for ... tags: Endangered Species Act ESA PCFFA salmon wildlife Zeke GraderDefenders of Wildlife

NASA STEREO, SOHO - Comet, October 1, 2011

A bright comet headed right towards the Sun and disintegrated Oct. 1, 2011 as observed by STEREO's suite of coronagraphs. It was a ... tags: Ahead astronomy Behind CME comet COR1 COR2

NASA | Incoming Comet; Outgoing CME

A bright comet fell into the sun on October 2, 2011 in synch with a coronal mass ejection bursting out on the other side. Credit ... tags: cme comet coronal mass ejection space esa heliophysics nasa nasa goddard

Space Fan News #34: Herschel Space Telescope Shows Off

10/01/11 Given how important the infrared is, I can't believe I haven't brought up the Herschel Space Telescope before. Info on ... tags: astronomy cosmology enceladus esa how stars form space tdarnell

Two UFOs Emerge From Spy Satellite On National TV, Sept 22, 2011 UFO Sighting News.

UFOs emerge from Spy Satellite Are aliens working with NASA 'Friday appears to be re-entry day for NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research ... tags: 2011 22 alien aliens broadcast crash Destination truth

Cloning in The Qur'an.Miracles of The Qur'an.(

MIRACLES OF THE QURAN 4 DIVX DOWNLOAD LINKS MIRACLES OF THE QUR'AN -01 MIRACLES OF THE QUR'AN - 02 ... tags: atheism atheist bang big black cern charles

Comet Elenin Soars Along (August 26, 2011)

With Comet Elenin in continuous view of STEREO's Behind Heliospheric Imager 1, we can follow its progress across space as it moves from ... tags: alien astronomy comet elenin ESA jupiter mercury