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CARNIFEX (interview) on CAPITAL CHAOS 2011

El Muerte interviews Scott Lewis of Carnifex at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA on 10-28-11. CAPITAL CHAOS Links FACEBOOK ... tags: American Arms Ashes Burning Carnifex (band) City Dead

Al-Qaeda's New Enclave - Somalia

As Western aid groups leave Somalia, Al Qaeda is apparently filling the void, handing out milk, dates, money and Korans. But their plan to ... tags: Africa aid Al-Qaeda documentary enclave famine guardian

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 195: Hamiltion's Hideaway

we go to the coodernates Three Dog gives us and find some carved out rock cave called Hamilton's Hideway where we can find 'the Weapons's ... tags: 195: 77 Armor Blew box Brother Citadel

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 195: The American Dream (1 of 3) - Col. Autumn

We've got the GECK and we almost make it out Vault 87 until the screen flashes white and we are greeted to Col.Autumn of the Enclave who ... tags: 195: 87 American Autumn blast Butch Col.

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 196: The American Dream (2 of 3) - President Eden

We get to meet the president John Henry Eden.....who is a computer With a high enough speech check you can convince him to destroy himself. ... tags: 196: 87 American blast Butch conflict delorias[companion]

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 188: Dad is Dead!

After being confronted by Col. Autumn James causes an overload in the purifier causing it to flood the room with highly deadly radiation ... tags: 188: Blew box Citadel City Col.Autumn Dad

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 189: Eyebot Helmet

We escape with Dr. Li into the sewers to escape the Enclave and I discover a cool Eyebot Helmet. Who know who made it but it's the only one ... tags: 189: Blew box Citadel City Dads death

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 190: The Brother Hood of Steel

We make thru the sewers from Jefferson Memorial and escape the Enclaave. We arrive right smack dab in fron of the Brotherhood of Steel ... tags: 190: Blew box Brother Citadel City Dad

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 187: Scientific Pursuits (12 of 10) - The Enclave

After fixing the fuses we get stuck in the drainage when we spot a nearby Vertibird landing dropping off Enclave troops and what appears to ... tags: (12 10) 187: Blew box Citadel City

NATO swaps bread for bullets at Serbia-Kosovo border

Violence has erupted on the Serbia - Kosovo border, with seven local Serbs injured in an exchange of fire between protestors and NATO ... tags: Balkans Belgrade checkpoint clashes enclave independence Kevin Owen