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How To Create A Pitch To Sell Your Website

Ed hosts Oren Klaff- Author of 'Pitch Anything' on a call where he explains the pitching process and then proceeds to take two very ... tags: anything dale ed eddale klaff orenanything

Dominiche 2011

11/25/11 Dominiche 2011 is a comprehensive course on buying and selling websites. Find out more at tags: and buy-websites buying dale ed ed-dale eddale

Siri And Zendesk - A Love Story

Sometimes you just have to see how cool things are. This video was shot in real time hence the awkward pause - but just using the dictation ... tags: eddale iphone 4s Productivity Siri (software) Zendeskeddaleiphone 4s

Facebook - Opening The Dam

First results from me testing the Facebook third party feed changes for more cool stuff - tags: Dale Ed eddale Internet Marketing PageDale

Smarter Market Research For Your Keywords And Phrases

I find people don't spend enough time looking at the ACTUAL google results for the phrase they are researching. This video shows what I ... tags: Challenge Dale Ed eddale Market Plus Research

The Big Idea

Ed introduces Always Be Shipping. tags: be dale ed eddale macphearson michelle shipping

The Challenge: Module 5/Day 2 - Competition Analysis

08/26/11 Sam Witteveen discusses competition in Market Leadership for The Challenge. Find out more here tags: #tch challenge competition competitors day2 eddale leadership

The Challenge: Module 5/Day 3 - Using Google Reader And Google Alerts

08/26/11 Paul Colligan shows how to use Google Reader and Google Alerts for The Challenge. Find out more here tags: #tch alerts challenge colligan day3 eddale google

The Challenge: Module 5/Day 4 - Twitter Lists

08/26/11 Michelle Macphearson shows how to use Twitter lists to follow influencers within a niche for The Challenge. Find out more ... tags: #tch challenge day4 eddale influence influencers list

The Challenge: Module 5/Day 5 - Curation Workflow

08/26/11 Nichelle Macphearson discusses the importance of setting up a content curation workflow for The Challenge. Find out more ... tags: #tch challenge content content-curation-workflow curation day1 eddale

The Challenge: Module 7/Day 4 - Managing Your Flippa Sale

08/26/11 danny Batelic shows how to manage a Flippa website sale through to completion for The Challenge. Find out more here ... tags: #tch batelic challenge danny danny-batelic day4 eddale

The Challenge: Module 4/Day 7 - Content Syndication

08/28/11 Gurubob discusses the concept of leveraged content syndication as a method for acquiring backlinks for The Challenge. Find ... tags: #tch backlink backlinks bob challenge content content-syndication