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Eat Videos - 4 by Popular

Fish vs. Sargassum

Here's one predator that has no trouble blending in. The Sargassum fish camouflages itself to look exactly like a sargassum plant... and it ... tags: blood camouflage danger deadly eat fish Geographic

Awesome Dining Experience

Follow me on Facebook Twitter so you don't miss any videos Links below. I COULD EAT A CHAIR ... tags: acciden anxiety azurite blog cashier check counter

A Stranger Is In Search For Ranbir Kapoor On The Sets Of 'Barfii'

Some stranger is in search for Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of 'Barfii'. Could Ranbir Kapoor be in trouble Is this some kind of joke Who is ... tags: barfee barfi basu burfee burfi burfii burp

Anurag Basu Misplaces His Hat On The Sets Of 'Barfii'

Director Anurag Basu misplaces his hat during the shoot on the sets of 'Barfii'. He doesn't seem too happy about it, until he finally finds ... tags: ba barfee basu burfee burp cake cap

Gross! Skunk eats own vomit, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

This is an educational skunk. He could not be released back to the wild. He ate his breakfast too fast, puked and is now eating his puke. ... tags: animal advocates california disgusting eat eats lawsuit los angeles

Cichlid Parents vs. Terrapin

With cichlid eggs on the menu, this terrapin is ready to throw his weight around. These cichlid parents might be outweighed, but they're ... tags: battle cichlids eat eggs fight kill Lake Tanganyika

Peringuey's Adder vs. Lizard

Hungry, thirsty, or both The hostile Namibian desert is one big buffet when you're a Peringuey's adder. First, you can get a drink of water ... tags: adder animal battles battle blood death eat fight

Fishing Bat vs. Catfish

You've probably heard of fishing bats... but what about when the fish does the hunting Fishing bats in Belize might snatch and eat up to 30 ... tags: batting fish battle Belize blood catch catfish eat

How to Carve a Turkey | TLC Cooking

TLC Cooking teaches you the essential skill of carving a holiday turkey For more, visit tags: carve carver carving chef Chicken Christmas Cook