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Djent Videos - 4 by Popular

Utopia's Demise - Guitar Solo Playthrough - Original Progressive Metal Song

Full Song here Me tracking solo for my track for my upcoming 'Utopia's Demise EP'. Hope you guys like the sound of this ... tags: Ambient animals as leaders blues chimp sp Classical Djent Dubstep

Studio Update 5 - Finishing Lead and Rhythm Guitars for "Utopia's Demise" for 'Utopia's Demise EP"

Finishing up the guitars for 'Utopia's Demise' for the upcoming EP along with some random footage. Hope you guys enjoy. Btw, almost forgot ... tags: ambient animals as leaders bulb chimp spanner djent dubstep electronic

Studio Update 6 - Behind the Scenes tracking 'Utopia's Demise' for 'Utopia's Demise EP'

Behind the Scenes footage of our tracking of the song as well as goofy stuff and all that jazz. Also a look into the synth effects on ... tags: ambient animals as leaders Behind chimp spanner djent dustep electronic

Misha Mansoor: The Djent Set #5 (Part 1)

This exclusive Guitar World lesson continues only at This video is bonus content related to the September 2011 issue of ... tags: column djent djent set gutiar lesson metal misha mansoor Periphery

Studio Update 4 - Finishing Rhythm Guitars for 'Utopia's Demise' for "Utopia's Demise EP"

Finishing up the rhythm guitars for a song that's on the EP along with some funny moments. Hope you guys enjoy. Stoutmeister Facebook Page ... tags: alternative ambient Animals as Leaders chimp span demise Devin Townsend djent

Ibanez RG7321 7 String Guitar: New Progressive Metal Song Idea

PLEASE READ I wrote this riff last week and put it together with TuxGuitar software with synth, guitar, drums, etc. It has this tropical, ... tags: 7 string guitar alternative ambient animal djent extreme metal hard rock

Bypass - 'Hyperventilate' (Tapping Solo Playthrough)

PLEASE READ I decided to do a playthrough of the solo I wrote for Bypass' OC616's band song 'Hyperventilate' to show how it's played and ... tags: animals as leaders bulb chimp spanner Craig Argyle cyber cyborg Dave Foret

Bypass - Hyperventilate (ft. Kreepmaster and Stoutmeister) MP3

Here's one of my more recent musical collaborations I did for my good friend Craig for his project Bypass. The solo I did starts around 135 ... tags: animals as leaders collaboration Craig Argyle cyber cyborg Dave Foret devin