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Dell Videos - 3 by Popular

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Martin Merck, Ph.D.

The IceCube South Pole System A HPC Cluster at the World's Most Remote Location Martin Merck, Ph.D. IceCube Data Computing Manager ... tags: Dell HC11 High-performance Computing icecube South Pole System SP11 University of Wisconsin

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Paul Calleja, Ph.D.

The Cambridge HPC Service Driving Discovery in Science, Technology, and Medicine Dr. Paul Calleja, PhD. Director of HPC Computing Services ... tags: Cambridge University Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11Cambridge UniversityDell

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Walt Ligon, Ph.D.

Walt Ligon, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Clemson OrangeFS Overview and Futures In this presentation we ... tags: Clemson Dell High-performanc Computing HPC SC11ClemsonDell

SC11 Presentation: John Towns

NCSA and Dell A History of Pushing the Envelope John Towns Director of Persistent Infrastructure NCSA/University of Illinois John Towns is ... tags: Dell High-performance Computing HPC NCSA SC11 University of IllinoisDell

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Tommy Minyard, Ph.D.

Tommy Minyard, Ph.D. Director of Advanced Computing Systems Texas Advanced Computing Center The University of Texas at Austin Dr. Minyard ... tags: Advanced Computing Systems DELL High-performance Computing HPC SC11Advanced Computing SystemsDELL

SC11 Presentation: Cody Bumgardner

Cody Bumgardner Enterprise Architect University of Kentucky This talk will provide an overview of cloud terminology, associated areas of ... tags: Dell Enterprise Architect High-performance Computing HPC SC11 UKIT University of Kentucky

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Dave Lifka, Ph.D.

Red Cloud - On-Demand Research Computing Dave Lifka, Ph.D. Director of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing and the ... tags: Cornell University Dell High-performance Computing HPC MATLAB Red Cloud SC11

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Dan Stanzione, Jr., Ph.D.

Supercomputers, Petabytes, Hurricanes, and Better Corn Dell HPC Solutions in Action at the Texas Advanced Computing Center Dan Stanzione, ... tags: Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11DellDr. Dan StanzioneHigh-performance Computing

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Henry Tufo, Ph.D.

Henry Tufo, Ph.D. Computer Science Section Head National Center for Atmospheric Research and Associate Professor and Director Computational ... tags: Computational Science Center Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11Computational Science CenterDell

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Jeffrey Layton, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeff Layton, Ph.D. Enterprise Technologist Dell HPC Dr. Jeffrey Layton is the Enterprise Technologist for HPC within Dell. Dr. Layton's ... tags: Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11DellDr Jeffrey LaytonHigh-performance Computing

SC11 Presentation: Dr. Jim Wilgenbusch, Ph.D.

Jim Wilgenbusch, Ph.D. Research Associate Depart. of Scientific Computing Director of High Performance Computing Florida State 'Sustainable ... tags: Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11 Scientific ComputingDellHigh-performance Computing

SC11 Interview: Dr. Kelly Gaither, Ph.D.

Kelly Gaither, Ph.D. Director of Visualization Texas Advanced Computing Center The University of Texas at Austin Dr. Kelly Gaither is the ... tags: Dell High-performance Computing HPC SC11DellHigh-performance ComputingHPC