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Annual Sikh Camp 2011 Trailer

FULL VIDEO COMING SOON A clip taken from last year's annual Sikhi Camp at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Rd, Coventry. This year's camp not to ... tags: 2011 Akhand AKJ Amar Bhai Bhindranwale Camp

Annual Sikhi Camp 2010 - Bhai Surjit Singh

Tuesday morning's vichar delivered by Bhai Surjit Singh. The Sikhi Camp at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Coventry is an annual event, in which ... tags: Akhand AKJ Annual Bhangra Bhindranwale Camp Cricket

Inspirations - Bhai Joginder Singh Part 3 of 3

Inspirations QA session with Bhai Joginder Singh. Inspirations is a spiritual workshop, where individuals can learn and ask questions about ... tags: Akhand AKJ Bhai Bhindranwale Chardi Das DDT

Deadly poisons made safe in chemical CleanOut - 9 July 2011

The deadly poison arsenic and a highly toxic pesticide banned in Australia for more than 20 years were among more than 15 tonnes of ... tags: and arsenic; Chemical cleanout; DDT Environment Heritage;

Household chemical clean out 9 July 2011

Watch this quick wrap up of the chemicals people found in their houses and sheds and brought to the City's cleanout in Zetland on 9 July. tags: and arsenic chemical city cleanout; DDT; environment

LESTER & CHARLIE: Do It At Home, America! Ep. 60

Given the soaring prices of tobacco, how can cigarette companies offer such steep discounts in low-income neighborhoods Lester Charlie ... tags: America at CFC charlie cigarettes class comedy