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Occupy LA: 'You don't say thanks for being raped gently'

We return to one of our top stories, The Occupy Wall Street movement and its struggle against police crackdowns and pressure from local ... tags: 99 percent arrest brutality Cops Day of action fireworks loans

Violence as Occupy London protesters clash with police

Protesters at London's Haymarket clash with police after trying to occupy the offices of mining company Xstrata. Report by Sam ... tags: attack brutality day of action flare haymarket itnnews London

#OWS Dancing with NYPD on #N17! What this revolution needs is "MORE COWBELL!" 11/17/11

'More cowbell', later NYPD starts pushing us for no reason. 'You're on the wrong side of the cops' one yells to me This is what it feels ... tags: #OWS 99% arrests bloomberg cops day of action liberty park

Crosstalk: OWS Assault

Is OWS nothing more than a bunch of unemployed graduates and anti-Semites Or do these people come from all walks of life and thus are ... tags: arrest Day of action fireworks Frances Fox Piven James Livingstone New York NYPD

Immortal Technique: OWS can destroy cities, but we are peaceful

RT delves a little deeper into what lies behind the Occupy movement, our correspondent Alyona Minkovsky talks to the political rapper - ... tags: 99 p Alyona Minkovsky arrest Day of action fireworks Immortal Technique New York

OWS gather steam from nationwide protest cop crackdown

Hundreds of arrests, accusations of police brutality and dozens of injuries - this is how the 'Occupy' movement in the US marked its ... tags: 99 percent Anastasia Churkina arrest Cops Day of action fireworks loa

'More authorities try to quiet OWS - the bigger it grows'

Police in the US have used pepper spray against students taking part in an 'Occupy' campaign at the University of California. Demonstrators ... tags: #N17 400 arrested arrest Axel Caballero Day of action fireworks New York

Occupy Protestors Take On Wall Street

11/17/11 Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of the city on Thursday to mark two months since the anti-Wall Street protests began. tags: arrest day of action financial district n17 ows police wnycradio

'Cops use shock & awe tactics to devastate OWS'

Hundreds of arrests and multiple injuries are the result of the massive 'day of action' across the US by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. ... tags: #N17 400 arrested arrest Day of action fireworks horse police horseback

OCCUPY NEW YORK: Aerial footage of protests

Aerial footage of clashes between police and protesters in New York. Report by Tony Ricketts. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: aerials clashes day of action demonstrators footage new york police