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Darkness Videos - 2 by Popular

Run for your Lives Its Halloween

errrr...... As a description Its Halloween, and what I had In my head to make was not quite what It turned out to be In the end . tags: bite darkness frighting ghouls gost halloween haunted

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Walkthrough Part 25 - Racing For Pinks

Not going to lie, I still wasn't really paying attention when I edited this. =P Video Question What is your favorite song on the Ocarina ... tags: 3DS At Darkness Deku Game Ganondorf In

Pokemon Emerald: Part 6

Today we finally catch the next official member of the team........ tags: Ash Black Blue Brock Colosseum Darkkefka Darkness

Hellsing Live Special

Keep up with us on FACEBOOK In this episode, Integra complains of her moments at Hellsing as the rest of the crew arg... tags: Alucard Alucard (Castlevania) Anime blood comedy cosplay costume

The Years Best Jack-O-Lanterns

This years best Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns These are just way too good not to share tags: bob carve carved carving darkness Evening evil

Artfully Executed

Jackie Estacado demonstrates some creative ways to finish off his foes in The Darkness II. Like us on Facebook ... tags: 2K 2K Games comic comics Darkness Darkness 2 Darkness II

Let's play Castlevania (NES) [Part 2] The horror is ending!

yep ther horror of putting up with a hard NES game is ending. so this is the last part of this LP and my gosh death is hard and its best to ... tags: Dark Darkness death dracula Gameplay Games Games Played

The Blood-Suckers' Ball

It's the most unholy of acts drinking human blood. Most people don't think vampires really exist. But for one night every year in ... tags: ball blood-sucker darkness Dracula Draculas ball drinking blood Halloween

Wraith By Shadows [Original]

An original piece entitled 'Wraith By Shadows.' This is an introspective piece of work. You have been warned tags: Artist By Composition Dark Darkness Halloween Idea