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The Skeletar Show - Episode 2 - Glengarry Glenn Something Funny Pun Name

If David Mamet was a rodent, he would be named David Marmot. I felt it was important for you all to know that. tags: cartoon cyborg david mamet everyonesvoice glengarry glenn ross he-man mamet

Terminator-style contact lenses on horizon

Researchers in Washington have developed a contact lens that could one day allow the wearer to read emails and other information on their ... tags: Babak Parviz cyborg digital information itnnews scientists television

Deus Ex Street Fighter (DX: Human Revolution Montage)

to watch Most Amazing Moments Battlefield 3 MachinimaDeus Ex Street Fighter DX Human Revolution MontageHow Adam Jensen have fun on ... tags: 360 Action augmentations co Cyberpunk cyborg Deus

TTAFFBH - Monster Among Us (Robot)

Gordon gets replaced by an android clone and he himself is a frozen statue. tags: alien android asfr body clone condenetwork cyborg

Film-maker's camera for an eye - Amazing!

Interview With The Eyeborg He records everything he sees. He has a camera fitted inside his prosthetic eye. He is the Eyeborg. Where else ... tags: amazing biotechnology camera computer cool cyborg eye - Deus Ex: The Eyeborg

Wir realistisch sind die Augmentierungen aus Deus Ex Human Revolution tags: cyborg eyeborg human revolution xbox xbox 360 xboxuser xbu

Two Best Friends Play - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

08/27/11 to watch Two Best Friends Play Captain America Super Soldier Two Best Friends Play Deus Ex Human Revolution The best ... tags: 360 Action augmentations co Cyberpunk cyborg Deus