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Newt Gingrich's Rise & Geometry Teacher

11/13/11 Newt Gingrich is rising in the polls, and he's a man who supports traditional marriage. So much he's had three of ... tags: 2012 acute campaign cosine dimensional divorce election

Integrating (cos x) ^ 4 - Even Powers of Cosine and Sine

Integrating cos x 4 - Even Powers of Cosine and Sine. In this video, I show how to integrate cosx4 using some an identity, some algebra, ... tags: cosine even identity integrate integration math power

U Substitution , Powers of Sine and Cosine

U Substitution , Powers of Sine and Cosine. Just an integration problem involving powers of sine and cosine and a u-substitution. tags: cosine integral integration math sine trigonometric u-substitution

"BLACK UMBRELLA (The Right Stuff)", a bad lip reading of Miley Cyrus

iTunes link Shirts now available at Lyrics are below but you can also turn on the captions by ... tags: blunt cosine cover cyrus dogg hubcap inverse