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Biological Metaphors of Youtube: "Biogenensis"

If Youtube was thought of as an ecosystem it would be one in which biogenesis was incredibly common. Starting a new life on YT is as easy ... tags: biogenesis biology channel conferencereport ecology ecosystem media


I made this video ages ago and never got round to posting it, then today I read this Go figure tags: conferencereport ecology electricity energy piezoelectic power solar wind

Better than Youtube

The principles I have in mind for an ideal participatory video site are as follows 1. That connected media is too valuable a communication ... tags: blip conferencereport data google medium mefeedia metadata

Google has it Tough

To make the media more resilient there should be a separation of the church of video from the state of metadata. tags: blip conferencereport data google medium mefeedia metadata

Re: Stagnation of Youtube. Response to Thunderf00t

Youtube is not best described using biological or ecological terms as the selection that goes on is anything but natural. To the extent ... tags: conferencereport ecology google matrix media medium metaphor

Beer no Vinyl 2(McEwan's Champion with Earl)

Response to this cunt - The Fibonacci in Lateralus - TheLaughingOut channel - Truro City of Lights ... tags: beer community conferencereport drinking fibonaccibeerbikemessenger7

Re: I dont like Antinatalism. Can you tell why? ( Wisdominnature7)

It's good to not confuse the condition of the message with the condition of the messenger, whatever the message. Response to tags: conferencereport depression embodied cognition emotion feeling rationalism reason