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Romney Complains About FOX News Interview

12/01/11 Mitt Romney is complaining about his Fox News interview with Bret Bair, saying questions about his flip-flops were ... tags: aggressive baier bret brett Colbert Report complain Daily show

Newt Opposes Health Insurance Mandates

With respect to President Obama's health insurance mandate, Newt believes it is an unprecedented and unconstitutional expansion of federal ... tags: Baier Bret Buy Campaign Center Clinton Foundation

Worst Persons: Josh Byrnes, Bret Baier, Gretchen Carlson, Michelle Malkin and Rep. Michele Bachmann

Find out why state Rep. Josh Byrnes R-Iowa is WORSE Bret Baier, Gretchen Carlson and Michelle Malkin of Fox News are WORSER and Rep. ... tags: Bachmann Baier Bret Byrnes Carlson Countdown Current

WWF Survivor Series 1995 Review

Follow Off The Ropes at comment, rate, and subscribe. tags: 1995 bret diesel hall hart hitman kevin

Creating A Video Response Using a Smartphone (iPhone 4S) - Day by Day with Bret Primack

In this edition of his daily video blog, Bret Primack explains how to create a video using a Smartphone, and then how to upload to YouTube. ... tags: android Bret hd iphone 4s jazz Primack response

Where have the jobbers gone in wrestling?

Tony and Jeff discuss what happened to the jobber matches and how that has negatively impacted the business. Please watch and share your ... tags: Bourne Brawler Bret Brooklyn Bryan Cena Del