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Max Keiser on Europe's Brave New Debt

Alarms over the Euro's future are sounding in the heart of Europe. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned the single ... tags: analysis Angela Merkel austerity Barroso Bill Dod collapse crash

'Assange could face torture in US but arrest won't stop leaks'

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may find himself on Swedish soil very soon, after losing his battle against extradition from Britain. ... tags: Afshin Rattansi Assange arrested Assange condom assange statement Assange UK London Bill Dod court

Incredible Scandal: 'Libya rebels admit attacks on women & children'

Rebel forces in Libya claim they are advancing in Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte - one of the last loyalist bastions. Several ... tags: Arab spring Bill Dod economic profit Gaddafi Gaddafi Sirte NATO Libya Libya Cameron

'US biggest supporter of religious intolerance'

The leaders of France and Britain travel to Tripoli on Thursday, in a show of support for the regime their warplanes helped put in power. ... tags: airstrike Bill Dod bombing civil war Dan Glazebrook Gaddafi Gaddafi Tripoli

Missile Offence: US shield real aim to cordon Russia & China

A deal to deploy an American radar system in eastern Turkey has been agreed by the two countries as part of NATO-backed missile defense ... tags: Bill Dod Bruce Gagnon Eastern Europe missile Hillary Clinton Iran missile shield Iran US threat missile defense Turkey

Atomic hide-and-seek: 'France masques radiation damage'

There's been an explosion at a nuclear facility in Marcoule, in Southern France. One person's been confirmed killed and several others ... tags: Bill Dod France nuclear blast France nuclear energy France radiation emission France radiation leak France radioactivity Marcoule blast

Senseless Bases: 'Overblown Iran threat covers US needs'

The leaders of the US and Romania have sealed a deal under which America would station its much debated interceptor missiles in eastern ... tags: Bill Dod Eastern Europe missile Hillary Clinton Iran missile shield Iran US threat NATO missile defense Obama missile shield

'US Empire starts to fold, state systems failed after 9/11'

Sunday was an emotional day for Americans remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks exactly 10 years ago. Thousands gathered in New York ... tags: 9 11 2001 9 11 2011 911 10 years 911 anniversary 911 memorial 2011 911 N afshin rattanzi

Euro Zone Done? 'Collapse closer as politicians bargain'

The incoming European Central Bank head says the eurozone should be more financially integrated. And the outgoing chief Jean-Claude Trichet ... tags: bailout Bill Dod common financial dovernment euro crisis Europe debt crisis European Central bank eurozone

War on UN: No American cash for Palestinians?

American lawmakers are considering changing the UN's funding rules - to effectively cut off the cash for any program supporting the ... tags: Bill Dod border ceasefire Hamas Israel Jerusalem Middle East crisis

Top Secret Friends: CIA & MI6 'intimate' with Gaddafi

Human Rights Watch claims it's discovered thousands of documents in Libya that suggest intimate cooperation between Gaddafi's regime and ... tags: airstrike army Bill Dod bombing celebration civil forces

Pentagon worried by China's growing might

The Pentagon has released a report warning that China is looking to become a leading world military power in less than eight years. The US ... tags: America bases Berkeley Bill Dod budget china Conn Hallinan