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'West tries to redraw map & split Syria from Iran'

Syria's main opposition group has vowed to cut ties with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, if the current government goes. Professor Johan ... tags: airstrike attack Bashar al-Assad bombing EU Syria oil embargo fighting interventio

Mosaic News - 11/30/11: Turkey Imposes Ecomonic Sanctions on Syria

UK expels Iranian diplomats over embassy storming, Turkey slaps economic sanctions on Syria as Assad's forces storm Dael, angry protestors ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Assad Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Gulf Initiatve Hariri Assassination

'Iran & Syria will never yield to painful sanctions'

The US Senate has unanimously approved sanctions on Iran's central bank, despite warnings the move could disrupt markets across the globe. ... tags: airstrike attack Bashar al-Assad bombing civil wa EU Syria oil embargo fighting

UN says Syria on brink of 'civil war'

The United Nations says Syria is on the brink of civil war and has raised the official death toll resulting from nine months of violence to ... tags: Al Al Jazeera Aljazeera Arab League Bashar al-Assad civil war Damascus

Mosaic News - 11/29/11: Iranians Storm UK Embassy

Iranian students storm British embassy during protest against sanctions, Saudi regime deploys troops to suppress protests in Qatif, Libya's ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Arab Sprin Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Crackdown

"A la comunidad internacional no le interesan la libertad ni la democracia del pueblo sirio"

La Liga rabe ha aprobado un paquete de sanciones econmicas contra Siria despus de que Damasco se negara a aceptar una misin de observadores ... tags: America analista analysis Assad Bashar al-Assad Cairo EEUU

Democrazy: Regime change - 21st century energy source?

The US and Europe are to hammer out harsh penalties for Syria and Iran at a joint summit in Washington on Monday, but their objectives are ... tags: airstrike Arab League attack Bashar al-Assad Bashar Assad bombing civil war

'More bloodshed tomorrow': Arab League tightens noose on Syria

It's not just Egypt's fate that's being decided in Cairo, but Syria's future as well. Arab League members have, in the past couple of ... tags: airstrike Arab League attack Bashar al-Assad Bashar Assad bombing civil w

Alan Fisher on Arab League vote on sanctions against Syria

Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher reports live from the Arab League meeting in Cairo, where delegates are expected to approve a call for sanctions ... tags: Al Al Jazeera Alan Fisher aljazeera Arab League Bashar al-Assad Cairo

Arab League to mull sanctions against Syria

The Arab League will meet to discuss economic sanctions against the Syrian government on Saturday. The group's latest ultimatum - to allow ... tags: Al al jazeera aljazeera Arab League Bashar Al-Assad Beirut English

French Bloodthirst: Sarkozy wants Syria

Syria now faces punishing sanctions from the Arab League, as a diplomat from the body says Damascus ignored Friday's deadline to accept ... tags: Arab League attack Bashar al-Assad blast explosion fighting France