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Soul Chambers - Ultraviolet Alter & Chantal Harvey @ BURN2 2011

The Art of BURN2 2011 in Art, music and text Ultraviolet Alter 'SOUL CHAMBERS' Machinima Chantal Harvey http tags: art art installation astral BURN2 Chantal Chantal Harvey desert

Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane

From the Album 'Cosmogramma' by Flying Lotus. Release 2010. tags: 2010 Astral Cosmogramma Do Lotus Plane Records

Pt.15/16 The Global 2012 NWO Platform ~ The 9/11 Mystery and the Great Architect ~ Turn of Events

Part 15/16 of The Global 2012 Platform Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. the 2012 NWO Agenda The Greater ... tags: 11 175 2012 77 93 age air

Preview of George Kavassilas (Part 2) on Our Journey Home

George Kavassilas continues his discussion with Regina Meredith in part 2 about the origins of the universe, our souls and the artificial ... tags: astral bblcsedona conscious media network ET fifth dimension fourth dimension jesus

Gold Ring Andromedan Enlightenment

GoldRing Solstice Lyran Wave christianity healing conspiracy ufo alien space aliens earth planet meditation health spirituality yoga ... tags: age alchemy astral atlantis awareness cosmic dimension

Out of Body Experiences: Line up of Souls

This experienced occured when I first started to learn how to leave my Physical body. This experienced really overwhelmed and I began ... tags: 1975 Astral body experieces juanito mind obe

Out Of Body Experience: Shadow People

As I was learning how to control My Out Of body experiences I encountered a shadow person, or lower plane entity that was up to no good. It ... tags: 1975 astral body consciousness experiences juanito mind

Out Of Body Experiences: Autumn

the first part of this video is about a conversation I had with Autumn not her real name she asked me a question that has stayed with to ... tags: 1975 astral body consciousness energy experience juanito

Higher Self and Egoic Self (Part Four)

08/05/11 http tags: astral bruce dero7 egoic hate jones love

Higher Self and Egoic Self (Part One)

08/01/11 http tags: altered astral dero7 dimensions egoic jones maps

Higher Self and Egoic Self (Part Three)

08/03/11 http tags: astral bruce dero7 dimensional dreaming duality egoic