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The Challenge and Promise of Artificial Intelligence, a Bay Area Science Festival Wonder Dialog

Recorded November 5, 2011 Join leading researchers Dr. Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research and Dr. Peter Norvig of Google for an intriguing ... tags: AI Area artificial Bay Eric Festival Google

TOO CUTE! Twin Baby Pandas

More cute animal videos A pair of extremely rare and extremely cute baby pandas are born at Madrid Zoo. Part of our Really Wild ... tags: animals artificial baby bear cub cuddly cute

New Honda ASIMO Humanoid Robot News Pours Drink

Robot Opens Lid, Pours Drink and Hands to Woman. New Honda ASIMO Humanoid Robot News Pours Drink tags: ai artificial ASIMO Computer Drink Electronics Entertainment

New Honda ASIMO Humanoid Robot Recognizes Peoples Voices Simultaneously

The New Honda ASIMO Humanoid Robot The most advanced humanoid robot World's first using autonomous behavior control technology Hot Robot ... tags: AI AI Artificial Intelligence and Artificial ASIMO Computer Electronics

iPhone 4S: Siri Review

11/03/11 The iPhone 4S has been out for a while now, and we've had enough time to really see how Siri actually ... tags: 4S AI artificial Collection intelligence iphone lockergnome

Robin, Gracyn and Kris Denbesten

DenBesten Family Kris, Robin Gracyn 'Gracyn's Song' Moira Brown brings us the story of Gracyn's healing from a Heart Transplant Real Life ... tags: 100HS artificial berlin denbesten heart HS8967 Robin

Human Cyborgs: The Thin Line Between Man and Machine

Complete video at As technology advances, is the line between man and machine becoming blurred Nicola Rohrseitz, founder and CEO of ... tags: aid artificial assistance body computerized computers devices