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21st Century Contract With America: Enforce the Tenth Amendment

Item number 10 of Newt Gingrich's 21st Century Contract With America is to enforce the Tenth Amendment by starting an orderly transfer of ... tags: 10th 21st Amendment America Century Citizens Constitution


For FREE download of War On America This is an outrage If the Obama Admin does not Veto this bill, America is Doomed tags: 2nd 4th Act Activism Amendment Casino Conspiracy

NH: Open carry 30 feet from Obama

Sponsor - NH Open carrier 30 feet from Obama. This clip is part of a playlist series. Watch the series in sequence by ... tags: amendment barack carry guns holsters motorcade obama

Fox News Misreports Pepper Spray Legality?

160+ Fox News Bias videos at More Fox News bias from Megyn Kelly at When Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly appeared on ... tags: 4th amendment assembly bill constitution davis essentially

NH: Open carry at Obama visit sparks little fuss on the part of authorities this time

Sponsor - NH Open carry at Obama visit sparks little fuss on the part of authorities this time. At least not one that ... tags: amendment carry guns hampshire holsters kostric manchester

Hartmann: David Cobb - Big announcement from Move to Amend!

Thom Talks with David Cobb, attorney/ activist with as he unveils an amendment to make it clear that corporations are not ... tags: amendment corporate personhood money is not speech thomhartmannamendmentcorporate personhood

Fox News Blames Pepper Spray on Students Not Police?

160+ Fox News Bias videos at When University of California Davis police reacted to students sitting peacefully in protest with ... tags: #ows alisyn amendment assembly caerota california chemical

Rick Perry indicates he wouldn't balance budget 'till 2020 (Manchester, NH)

Sponsor LRN.FM - Rick Perry indicates he wouldn't balance budget 'till 2020 Manchester, NH. Hear Perry's full Nov. 16 ManchSpeech at http ... tags: 2012 amendment balanced budget campaigns elections hampshire

Mario Savio Memorial Lecture: Robert Reich on Class Warfare in America

The 15th annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture Young Activist Award will present Robert Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at ... tags: amendment Berkeley cal event Events first free

Immortal Technique Exclusive: "Obama is A War President" 1/2

The Nightly News Crew interviews Anti NWO Hip Hop Artist Immortal Technique. ... tags: 2nd 3rd Activist Alex Amendment Apocalypse City