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Landing Weather Minimums Investigation (1967)

Department Of Defense - Description Studies Problems Facing Pilots Making Approaches Under Low Visibility Conditions. Depicts Landings In ... tags: (1967) airboyd Investigation Minimums Weather(1967)airboyd

The Wright Brothers On Huffman Prairie (1988)

Department Of Defense - Description After Their First Flights At Kittyhawk, North Carolina, The Wright Brothers Returned To Dayton Ohio. ... tags: (1988) airboyd Brothers Huffman On Prairie Wright

Dangerous Encounters - Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard BASH (1984)

Department Of Defense - Description Establishes The Hazards Of Birds To Aircraft Discusses Actions Aircrews Can Take To Reduce Potential ... tags: (1984) airboyd Aircraft BASH Bird Encounters Hazard

Know Your Clouds (1967)

Department Of Defense - Description Development Of The Ten Basic Types Of Clouds, Their Principal Characteristics, Their Relative Positions ... tags: (1967) airboyd Clouds Your(1967)airboydClouds

Space Navigation (1967)

Re-upload better quality Shows Techniques And Equipment Used In Lunar Missions. Summarizes Accuracy Achieved In Interplanetary Trajectory. ... tags: #airboydtv 1967 airboyd Navigation#airboydtv(1968)

1st Air Cavalry Division Airmobile - An Khe Vietnam (1966)

Staff Film Report 66-2A Vietnam - Combat And Other Activity, December 1965 - 502D Battalion, 101St Airborne Division, 1St Air Cavalry Divi- ... tags: #airboydtv 101St 101st Airborne Division 1966 1st Air Airborne

Budapest Ferihegy Airport (1950)

Silent Vintage airliners from a CIA film with no documentation. It appears to be Budapest Ferihegy Airport and is dated 1950. tags: #airboydtv 1956 air airboyd Airport Ferihegy

The Story Of Naval Aviation (1954)

Development Of Naval Aviation Up To Its Role As The Primary Striking Weapon Of The Fleet. The First Trans-Atlantic Flight And The First ... tags: #airboydtv (1954) airboyd Aviation Naval Of