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Otis the Bulldog Loves to Play!!!

Follow me on Twitter - Otis the Bulldog was really wound up this night. He just wanted to play nonstop tags: Agility akc american awesome bite bites biting

Dog rides skateboard

11/28/11 a client of sit means sit dog training shows his skills with his pitbull border collie mix riding a skateboard. A lot ... tags: Agility Border Class Client Collie Cute Dog Agility

Retriever Training lining Baseball drills (Part 2)

11/23/11 This is part 2 of some fun drills I do to keep the dog focused on staying straight using markers such as bases and hula ... tags: Agility baseball diamond dog dogs field fredhassen

Retriever Training lining Baseball drills (Part 3)

11/23/11 This dog training video shows using the bases with a bit of distance between you and the dog, as one of many ways to ... tags: Agility baseball business career diamond dog dogs

Retriever Training lining Baseball drills (Part 1)

11/20/11 This is part 1 of lining my dog up to point him to different areas that I want him to run straight to. I do this using ... tags: Agility baseball business class diamond dog dogs

"El travia Cerdo" Una noticia de mal gusto

Minuto Digital, al que estoy suscrito, ha escrito un articulo con fotos de un tranvia de la ciudad donde vivo y como no estoy de acuerdio ... tags: Agility Alaskan Malamute Bobby Border Buick Chrysler Collie

Dog Training - No cheating

11/16/11 Just a fun little retrieve game that you can play in any parking lot that have any sort of barriers in the middle. It's ... tags: Agility cheating Dog Training dogs field gun hunt

Dog Park Retriever Training (and playing also!)

11/16/11 The dog park can be a great place to train your dog. It is also a place where they can play. There are many ... tags: Agility casting Dog Training dogs field fredhassen gun

Labrador Retriever Training - Turning before sending

11/17/11 This video just shows turning a dog in a circle both to the left or to the right before sending on retrieve through ... tags: Agility casting Dog Training dogs field Golden gun

Fun Dog Training - Hoops on stairs (and other stuff)

11/14/11 Just a bunch of things chained together that combines agility, retrieving, obedience, running straight lines, whistle ... tags: Agility behavior casting class classes College Dog Agility

Retriever Training - Back casts through hoop to keep dog straight.

11/07/11 This video shows using a hoop to keep the dog straight on back casts during yard work. This video was taken during lots ... tags: Agility casting Dog Training dogs field gun hunt