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Lujuriosa Lola

Una tmida mujer se refugia en un mundo de fantasa.
First Liked by Palciro 3 months ago

SUV Nail Bed

Lying on a bed of nails is an ancient Indian practice. Having a 4 ton SUV drive over your body while lying on a bed of nails is crazy. ...
First Liked by carleymitch 3 months ago

I Left My Baby On Train

Steve does not like what he is hearing and refuses to let this man sit on his stage.
First Liked by Yung_auto21 3 months ago

Forbidden Affairs!

Danielle and Veronica both have a child by Josh although he's actually married to Danielle.
First Liked by Jjj11111 09/12/18

Pumpkinhead IV: Blood Feud

A man calls upon Pumpkinhead after the death of his sister to to exact revenge on the people responsible.Original Release Year 2007
First Liked by mattcarr777 09/10/18

Numb: Simon Amstell Live from the BBC

Simon Amstell puts his emotions on the line in this very special performance of his stand-up show, Numb.
First Liked by keithelvin75 09/07/18

Warm Weather Saved Money

The warmest weather in decades has meant U.S. cities spent less on clearing roads this year. NBCs Tom Costello reports.
First Liked by radiodjerikstonehvny 09/02/18

A Personal Note from Lester Holt On Suspension of Brian Williams

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of Nightly News, has been suspended by NBC for six months without pay.
First Liked by radiodjerikstonehvny 09/02/18

Biden & Ryan: Big Decisions, Different Odds

As we wait for Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan to make their decisions on running for President and Speaker of the House respectively, a ...
First Liked by radiodjerikstonehvny 09/02/18

No White Christmas This Year

December has been unusually warm, but temperatures will be dropping this weekend.
First Liked by radiodjerikstonehvny 09/02/18

Mon, Aug 10, 2009

Sami pours her heart out to Nicole about Rafe leaving her because she couldn't believe in him after Merediths letter.
First Liked by radiodjerikstonehvny 09/01/18


Mordour prophecies that Queen Eleanor will encounter a deadly danger at the next crescent moon.
First Liked by zrvirus 08/30/18

El Psiquiatra

Un psiquiatra se acerca demasiado a las historias de citas de su paciente.
First Liked by mauricioga 08/22/18


The smaller they get, the hotter they are. Peppers, that is. Chef Lior Lev Sercarz shows Jordan Carlos how to safely climb the Scoville ...
First Liked by jdsongon 08/18/18