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Adya, Inc. president and founder Matt Bakos makes unbelievable health claims about Adya Clarity, made out of rocks and metals dissolved in sulfuric acid, then sold as a dietary supplement. "...the minerals will penetrate to your bone marrow," says Bakos. (Aluminum is the second most common mineral in the product, and aluminum toxicity is strongly linked to dementia, psychosis and delusional thinking.) Other quotes from the video include: "Water is the number one cause of death on this planet." "These minerals, because they're pre-digested, your body has to do nothing to get 'em into your cells." "I once had this woman who's severely obese, who started taking our product, and in the first three days, she passed out three two-to-three foot long sucker fish snakes out of her bowels." "In fact, if you notice your lips begin to get dry in the beginning, that means your colon is hydrating." "Believe it or not, our product is harmonized by the FDA to come into the United States. So the FDA actually knows our product's being consumed." "To achieve a proper health, you've gotta get out those multivalent ions that are trapped in your body that cannot move." "This product goes right into the system, there's no metabolization needed, you can sit in a hot tub of this [Adya Clarity] water, and the minerals will penetrate to your bone marrow." "Well, no wonder why everybody's divorcing and can't stand each other, it's because they're demineralized, they can't energetically communicate ...