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To stop an elusive criminal, a maverick detective enlists the aid of a police dog who's an unusually intelligent smart alec.

K-on Movie

Yui and the crew pass their university entrance exams, but they have a lot to accomplish before they graduate and move on. They set out on a journey of discovery and friendship that takes them all the way to London!


Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges star in this spellbinding story of a stranger who defies convention, puzzles experts and leaves everyone searching for the truth.


Michael Biehn plays a Seattle attorney who talks his friend, a physics instructor (Matt Craven), into joining a party with plans to climb the tallest and least accessible mountain in the world, K-2. Biehn's arrogant character immediately bumps noggins with the tour's leader (Raymond J. Barry) and the latter's strong-willed girlfriend (Patricia Charbonneau). But when various disasters begin to strike at the group, cooperation ensues, followed by assorted acts of heroism, friendship, and self-sacrifice under almost unimaginable conditions of lethal distress. Based on a play that examined the view on human values from a perch far above the world most of us know, K-2 surrounds that essential drama with extraordinary location footage. Director Franc Roddam (Quadrophenia) succeeds very well at turning a thoughtful piece into a fine action movie--and vice versa.


A good for nothing but kind at heart Kallu is forced to resort to robbing money from Shahani Seth for his brother's treatment. Kallu is then sent to prison where he meets hardened criminals. After learning the tricks of the world of crime Kallu escapes and vows to take revenge by destroying Shahani Seth. Watch how the innocent Kallu becomes Kaalia.

Kaanchi: Unbreakable

Kaanchi is an 18 year old girl, an earthy beauty and talent from Uttaranchal, is extremely happy in her small world comprising her family, her friends and her mentor Binda, a Martial Arts Trainer who also protects his valleys from big sharks of cities. Kaanchi though is carefree and does connect with any social or national issues. One day she meets the wealthy Sushant and is attracted to his sense of respect for her and her adventurous nature. Suddenly though her world is destroyed as Sushant’s powerful family is now trying to grab the whole valley and have escaped after a horrendous crime with no sense of guilt since they control law and media leaving the valley people helpless.Kaanchi empowers herself with the teachings of her Binda and takes up a mission to destroy this big money and power nexus who rule the country.How Kaanchi travels to Mumbai and faces stormy situations, deadly people and finally dethrones the most powerful people taking her revenge before returning unnoticed to her valley. The case baffles the CBI as an unknown has succeeded where they have always failed.Subhash Ghai tells this spirited tale in his inimitable style of music, drama and amazing characters on an unrivaled big scale canvass.






The movie Kalamity



Kama Sutra

In a seductive tale of love and betrayal, a king's courtesan is forbidden to embrace her one true love. Trained in the art of pleasure, Maya, the beautiful servant girl, becomes defiant, rebelling against ancient tradition. As passion takes over, the conflict brings consequences that no one ever envisioned. Breathtaking cinematography, lavish costumes and mesmerizing music add a compelling richness to this epic tale from critically acclaimed director Mira Nair.