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A 2nd Chance

A young girl and her coach overcome adversity to make their way into the National Gymnastics Competition.

A Bag Of Hammers

In this offbeat comedy, two slacker buddies befriend a street-smart kid who wants to join their larcenous valet parking business. When they discover the kid is neglected, they have to decide if they’re ready to become responsible adults in order to protect him.

A Bag Of Hammers

The movie A Bag of Hammers

A Band Called Death

A documentary on the 1970s punk trio Death, and their new-found popularity decades after they disbanded.

A Beautiful Life

Li Peiru (Shu Qi, The Transporter) moves to Beijing from Hong Kong to make a living as an aggressive real estate mogul. She's an opportunist alcoholic who's not looking for love, instead content with her career and her affair with a married man. But in a romantic twist of fate, she ends up falling in love with Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye, Curse of the Golden Flower), a local policeman who is honest, rigid and a devoted caregiver to his autistic brother. Can the couple's new relationship survive the traumatic events in store for them? This contemporary romantic melodrama explores every aspect of love.

A Beautiful Mind

After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish.

A Beautiful Mistake

A boy, an old man, two beautiful twin sisters get caught up in a voyeuristic scandal during the Cultural Revolution in China. This controversial film was subsequently banned and was never made public in China.

A Beer Tale

Orphaned twins Luke and Corey Frankenstein inherited their family brewery and were left in the care of their uncle. Raised on beer, with the assumption they're all grown up, Luke and Corey decide it's time to finish their family beer; a beer their parents started but were never able to finish twenty years ago... Now, it is time for these Colorado wild boys to finally grow up and decide what kind of men they really want to be.

A Better Life

Illegal immigrant and hardworking single dad Carlos Galindo embarks on a physical and spiritual journey in order to reconnect with his teenage son and keep him from getting pulled into the local gang life. From director Chris Weitz, A Better Life is a touching & poignant story that critics call "compelling," "intelligent" & "heartfelt."

A Better Life

A Better Life is a film in which an illegal immigrant gardener in East Los Angeles struggles to keep his son away from gangs while avoiding immigration enforcement agents and searching for a stolen truck. The screenplay for A Better Life, originally known as The Gardener, was written by Eric Eason based on a story by Roger L. Simon. The film was directed by Chris Weitz.

A Better Tomorrow

This series/video is only available in Japanese or in its native language with Japanese subtitles. Our service does not support English-language audiences for this content at this time.

A Better Way To Die

A Chicago cop quits the force and finds himself threatened by the Mafia.