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A Conspiracy Of Lies: Flight 370 To 911

Since 911, our police appear more like a military force than officers of the peace. We have seen the creation of Homeland Security, the TSA and the Patriot Act, all as a result of 911, yet no one can explain why building 5, which was not hit by a plane, collapsed along with the twin towers. We have now discovered the NSA can and does spy on every American citizen and we only need the national media to see that many of the New World Order plans are already in place.

A Countess From Hong Kong

Written, directed and composed by Charlie Chaplin, his final film revolves around Russian emigre countess Natascha, forced into prostitution in Hong Kong, who stows away in wealthy American Ogden's stateroom to blackmail her way to the States.

A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method is a 2011 Canadian historical film directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel. The screenplay was adapted by Academy Award-winning writer Christopher Hampton from his 2002 stage play The Talking Cure, which was based on the 1993 non-fiction book by John Kerr, A Most Dangerous Method: the story of Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein. The film marks the third consecutive and overall collaboration between Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen (after A History of Violence and Eastern Promises). This is also the third Cronenberg film made with British film producer Jeremy Thomas, after completing together the William Burroughs adaptation Naked Lunch and the J.G. Ballard adaptation Crash. A Dangerous Method was a German/Canadian co-production. The film premiered at The 68th Venice Film Festival and was also featured at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

A Day In Country

While on a day trip to the countryside with her parents, a young woman falls in love with a local boy. Directed by Jean Renoir.

A Day In Death Of Donny B.

A Day in the Death of Donny B is a 1969 American short docudrama written and directed by Carl Fick and shot in cinéma-vérité style. Mostly considered an anti-drug film, it was made for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The film follows its protagonist, Donny B, a young black man who appears to be a heroin addict, as he makes his way through the cruel ghettos of New York City. He tries to score money for his next fix by stealing hubcaps, purse-snatching, panhandling, and engaging in street gambling.

A Day In Life (2009)

Bad blood between two urban crime families explodes into an all-out turf war in this gritty, hard-hitting action thriller told entirely in rap and starring music legend Sticky Fingaz. Stick has plans to leave the mean street life behind, but when two members of his Family are gunned down, he's forced to choose between a new life for himself and his girlfriend - or loyalty to his blood brothers.

A Day In Vietnam

A Day in Vietnam documents the life of serving as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

A Day's Pleasure

A father takes his family on a day's excursion. Directed by Charlie Chaplin.

A Dead Calling

When a supernatural force causes Elizabeth, a twenty-seven year old story editor for the local paper, to investigate an old house she finds herself to be the only hope for a family of long dead ghosts yearning to tell the story of their massacre.

A Deadly Obsession

When a gunman opens fire on campus, psychology professor Suzanne Hollander must put her life on the line to bargain for her class’s freedom. The gunman is Connor Dryer, the subject of Suzanne’s thesis, who has a deadly obsession for her. She must outwit him and end the madness before it’s too late.

A Different Loyalty

During a military campaign in Beirut, Kim (Rupert Everett) and Eleanor (Sharon Stone) begin a love affair. Things take a twist when Kim disappears and Eleanor, chased by the CIA, finds her lover is a KGB man.