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A Big Girl Like You

A bored teenager from the French countryside decides to find the life she wants in Paris - spiraling in and out of relationships with the wrong men and thrusting herself into bad situations.

A Bird Of Air

The movie A Bird of the Air

A Bloody Aria

A college professor pressures one of his students into opportunistic sex but gets into a dangerous situation with 3 local thugs. Violent, brutal and piercing sharp, Bloody Aria offers a pitch black social satire in a mixture of Deliverance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.

A Bold Family

Mr. Kim (Shin Goo) has two families; a wife and daughter he left behind in North Korea before the Korean War and the new family he started in South Korea after the war. The ailing Mr. Kim so misses his first family, that he states in his will that a valuable piece of property will not be passed down to his children if the two Koreas are not unified at the time of his death. His sons, Myung Suk (Kam Woo Sung) and Myung Gyu (Kim Soo Ro), are eager to get their hands on their inheritance so they hatch a plan to make their father believe that the reunification did indeed happen. Myung Gyu, who is an erotic film director, uses his crew to stage fake North Korean broadcasts announcing the reunification. The good news breathes new life into their terminally ill father, and soon the entire family has to get involved in the ruse. How long can they keep up the charade?

A Boring Afternoon

More is happening on this "boring" afternoon than it at first seems... Directed by Ivan Passer.

A Brand New Life

Inspired by her childhood, French-Korean filmmaker Ounie Lecomte recounts the emotional journey of one little girl's coming-of-age after her father abandoned her in an orphanage.

A Broken Life

Tom Sizemore delivers a powerhouse performance as Max Walker, an empty, bitter man who has decided to commit suicide. Instead of leaving a note, he hires struggling young film student Bud (Corey Sevier) to document the last day of his life. As Bud and his camera follow, Max roams the city sharing confessions, realizations and rants, confronting his former boss and ex-wife, and committing acts of insanity, heroism and possibly murder. But before the last bullet can be fired, will a final shocking revelation change both their lives forever? Ving Rhames and Saul Rubinek co-star in this startling drama about one man's journey of rage, hope, and sorting through the pieces of A Broken Life.

A Bronx Tale

A father becomes worried when a local gangster befriends his son in the Bronx in the 1960s.

A Brooklyn State Of Mind

Al Stanco has lived all of his life in Brooklyn and works for the local crime lord. Al becomes friendly with a filmmaker but the relationship is strained when he discovers her true goal is to expose criminal activities. When Al sees the evidence, which implicates his boss in the death of his father a dangerous confrontation ensues.

A Buddy Story

Featuring Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” fame, A BUDDY STORY tells the tale of Buddy (Gavin Bellour), a struggling NYC musician touring the northeast with his pet turtle. Buddy’s neighbor Susan (Elisabeth Moss) seeks an opportunity for escape from her abusive boyfriend, and tags along on Buddy’s tour. From a rough biker bar to a 100-year-old’s birthday party and other odd stops along the way, Buddy and Susan come to realize that it’s not the road’s end that matters, but rather the road itself. The route to happiness is long and bumpy, better bring some good tunes along for the ride.

A Cat In Paris

From the animation studio Folimage comes a beautifully hand-drawn caper set in the alleyways of Paris. Dino is a cat that leads a double life. By day he lives with a little girl named Zoe, but at night Dino works with Nico, a cat burglar.

A Celebration Of Black History

February is Black History Month. This collection commemorates some of the notable figures and extraordinary events that have helped shape the African American experience.