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Dr. Louis Granirer is a leading NYC Chiropractor specializing in traditional chiropractic care related to all areas of pain and discomfort associated with the spine. Dr. Granirer is a top NYC show more...

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Heavy Metal Detoxification: Remedies by Chiropractor in NYC

Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium can burden the body cause many different imbalances. Check out this video by Dr. Louis Granirer, a chiropractor in NYC learn whether heavy metals are causing a problem for you or not. Visit

Natural Remedies for Chronic Digestive Disorders By NYC Chiropractor

Get rid of Chronic Digestive Disorders by using some simple natural remedies prescribed by one of the leading new york cityNYC chiropractors- Dr. Louis Granirer. Call us to schedule an appointment. Also, visit

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Solutions By A Chiropractor in NYC

Are you experiencing fatigue, feel like you don't have energy or you often wake up tired Then, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr. Louis Granirer, a chiropractor in NYC, finds causes of such problems provide solutions ...

Herniated Discs: Meaning & Its Treatment

Herniated Disc is a condition affecting the spine in which a fluid leaks from the disc. Dr. Louis Granirer, a leading chiropractor in New York NY will help you get rid of herniated discs. Watch this video for details. Visit

Learn About Dr. Louis Granirer: A Holistic NYC Chiropractor

Dr. Louis Granirer is one of the leading holistic chiropractors in NYC, who emphasize on the maintenance of health prevention of disease. Watch this video to learn more about him. Call 212 243-6663 or visit

Causes & Treatment Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome By A Chiropractor

Watch this video learn about the causes and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome by a NYC chiropractor. Dr. Louis Granirer will help you feel better through nutritional supplementation or diet modification. Call 212 243-6663 or visit

Pinched Nerve Treatment By A New York City Chiropractor

This video by Dr. Louis Granirer, a New York City chiropractor explains about pinched nerves, how they can affect our body its treatment. Visit or call 212 243-6663.

Get Holistic Treatment for Yeast Infection By Dr Louis Granirer

Dr Louis Granirer of the Holistic Chiropractic center explains you the symptoms holistic treatment for yeast infection. Check out this video or visit for details. Call 212 243-6663.

Relief of Neck Pain By NYC Chiropractor

Watch this video learn how Dr. Louis Granirer of The Holistic Chiropractic Center gives treatment for neck pain. Consult him if you are having discomfort in your lower or upper neck. Call 212 243-6663 or visit

Parasite Cleansing Medication By NYC Chiropractor, Dr Louis Granirer

Are you suffering from digestive problems, skin reactions, fatigue etc These symptoms may be caused due to parasites. An NYC Chiropractor, Dr. Louis Granirer will help you eradicate these parasites from your body by using various ...

Healing Lower Back Pain by Dr Louis Granirer - The Holistic chiropractor

Check out this video to learn the different techniques used by Dr. Louis Granirer to eliminate the back pain.Dr. Louis Granirer is NYC,Manhattan holistic chiropractor specialized in back pain treatments for people living in the New York ...

Chiropractic Adjustment of Upper Back Pain by Dr Louis Granirer

Get chronic back pain relief from the spine adjustment by Top NYC Chiropractor Dr. Louis Granirer. For more details visit