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I have just spent more time looking at everyone's vlogs than I ever have before -- and they are sooooo worth the eye strain and sore back!
I decided it would be worthwhile to do a summary of what I've seen thus far in the videoblogging week. I have to admit, I'm still new at a lot of this, so it is a bit rough (any suggestions on how I get vlog media to show up regular size when I re-post it?). I also saw heaps more vlogs that I could have used, but because I'm kinda time limited, and they were not easily downloadable (you tube, flash, etc) I couldn't include them in this one. If there are any additions anyone wishes to point me to, I'd be glad to do a re-vamp!

Thank you all so very much for sharing your work, especially thanks to:

90 Seconds of Dave, a doll's house, Aaron Valdez, Adam & Vik, Alena, Anders Pollas, Andy Carvins Waste of Bandwidth, Anthony, backinblakk, Beach Walks With Rox, Bekah, Bev Sykes, BK's Video, Blips, Bottom Union, Bre, Carl Weaver's Video Log, Casey McKinnon, Chris Daniel, Chris Weagal, Clark Saturn, Dan and Jen's Animal Friends, Daughter Show, David, David Howell Studios, David Meade, Devlon Duthie duncan, Duncan Rawlinson, Ebb & Flow, Eddie Codel, Erin Nealy, FreeTime, Funny the Vlog, Harold J. Johnson, Harricot Vert (bobthevlog), Heath Parks (Batmangeek), i am dooser, IMR:VOG, Irene Uncensored, jay dedman, Jen Proctor/Nanoramas, Joel Stuart, Josh Leo, Karina Hill, Kelly Skoty, Killer B, Leslye Penelope, LifesLens, LittleBlueRiver7, Markus Sandy, Matchbook Films, MB Free For All, Mexico Movies, Michael Verdi, missbhavens, More Than This, Mr. Brown, pouringdown, Randy Wicker, rob parrish, Roger’s Adventures, Ryanne, Schlomo , Shane Andrusiak, Shooting Full Force, Something That Happened, Starfire, Stephanie Bryant (Mortaine), Steve Garfield's Video Blog, Stone Face Vloggers studiocurtis, Susan, Ted Tagami, Tim, tinkernet, XiCast (Aidan), Zadi Diaz (Karmagrrrl)


edit 4/11/06: I have recently realized that I credit people who are not actually in the video. I hope to soon rectify it and add them and re-post the improved version. Apparently the editing system I worked on only wanted to see about half of the videos I tried importing- thus making it entirely too difficult to realize I didn't add them.