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Forgot to take a little time before the weekend to post about a couple AWESOME podcast audio dramas that I have done some voice acting in. Pendant Productions puts on some killer audio stories, podcast for free, and I happen to have scored a few roles.

As some of you know, back in 2007 I had my first small part in one of Pendant’s shows.. Batman: The Ace of Detectives.. Issue 18 - “Sacrifical Lambs”. In this episode I played the part of Reed, one of Golthom PD’s Finest. It was a short, but fun part, and now I have had the pleasure (and honor) to be in more Pendant shows.

First one I thought I would mention is Seminar. A killer anthology show, covering many genres of stories. Each episode showcases two stories in it as well as its own base story line about a classroom in the future. I scored a roll in Episode 26 - “Social Interaction”, playing Terry Fames, one heck of a high stakes poker player with an equally mysterious past. For the voice, I envisioned an older, cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, high class good ol boy from down south, and think I hit it spot on. I wont tell you any more about the character here, dont want to spoil the story.

The episode I am in is actually the 3rd part of the story, so make sure to check out Episode 24 & Episode 25 for the goods before my part.. and don’t forget to subscribe to hear the final part of the story when it comes out, and while there check out all the past episodes, as the stories are all simply awesome.

The second part I wanted to mention is a reoccurring role in Pentant Audio’s production of Martian Manhunter: Strange Visitor. I play the part of Michael Holt, the second DC Comics character to take the AKA of Mister Terrific. Michael has some seriously large shoes to fill as he is said to be the 3rd smartest man on Earth, holds 6 martial arts Black belts, 13 PH.Ds, has “a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes” and was an Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon. All that plus the various technologies he designed for his T Mask and T-Spheres makes for a pretty kick arse character to play.

While voicing Michael Holt, I actually keep sort of a visual in my head of Michael Dorn playing Warf on Star Trek. For some reason Dorn’s deep voice, and self security in speaking as Warf just seems to fit.

So get on over there.. check out the first 3 episodes that are out for Martian Manhunter and get subscribed so you wont miss any more as they are released.

Edit: When you have a listen to the stories, or if you already have… PLEASE come on back here and comment on my voice acting. I would love to hear what people think about any of my roles.