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so without procrastinating any further...

It's a little bit different today. I decided to expore the world of videotaped writing sessions and discovered that I would much rather talk to the camera than write (go figure). No one can ever say that I'm a camera shy person, thats for sure.

Although its interesting how the brain works when we are trying to come up with something. Reflecting back on this as I was editing it I realized that I never make anything without getting distracted first. When I want something created, I can't just sit down and do it - I have to work on it, and take a break, grab a drink, make faces to amuse myself, and get back to writing. And I think this is the way a lot of people think and get things done. Nothing amazing ever comes to a person when they are (theortically) chained to a project -- its better to just give it time to develop.... a lot like a good wine. This is especially true when it comes to projects of the mundane and the agonizingly boring.

on a side note-- I think I'm going to do vlog week! I do not have a camera for the first half of the week (I loaned it to a good friend for her dance project) so I will be posting things that have nothing to do with the vlog theme (bet you didn't know I had a theme, eh?) but are more so that I have a permanent record of them -- hopefully you'll find them interesting too!