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Santé "WHITE" SOUVENIR016é "White"Serious house music with a bouyant spirit.Release Number 16 from Tieschwarz's Souvenir imprint holds another club banger for the spring of 2009.Again we are talking brotherhood, yet santé go one step further: welcome Schwaben-TRIO Philipp, Marius and Mathias Maier to the global dance circus! After a first 12" on black-chrome records as well as a highly anticipated release on Radioslave's Rekids label, they return to their South-West German roots and team up with the brothers Schwarz on Souvenir records. Originally hailing from the beautiful town of Ulm, the Maier bros. have followed the overall exodus and established Berlin as their new creative homebase."White" is a wonderfully unconstrained house-track with an almost nonchalant beginning. Strings, a vocal sample, and some dry toms - it almost feels like you're lying somewhere by the water, enjoying the sun, simply not worrying. All the bigger the surprise when bass and drums set in. What used to be a lazy afternoon turns into a poolparty. But the best is yet to come: Two elements make this piece of music an outstanding dance track. Number one is a hi-hat as crisp and organic as a fresh fruit salad. Thank god this is released on Vinyl! Number two is a steel drum topped with a reverb effect, going bananas on your stereo-set. "How to bring a notion of spatiality into house music" - lesson no. 1.It is with this sound effect, that Santé finish off the track's intro, anticipate the bass run, and finally fill out the breaks. Yet, it wouldn't be a proper Souvenir release if all that soul wouldn't have a dirty edge to it. Some dark reverberating string chords in an odd minor key? Sounds dirty enough? There you go!The B-side with "You" goes in another direction. Recent months and years have seen a revival of Nineties House, especially the sounds from New Jersey and New York City. Of course Santé are happy to do their bit of reminiscence. Unwrap the 909 and off we go. "You" is first and foremost a percussive track carried by a mellow underlying bass. Dry and warm are the opposite benchmarks between which it flourishes. It is the careful selection of fine drum sounds that constitutes soul music. A powerful yet cosy bass drum, a rolling snare and a rattling high tom on every second bar drive this excellent piece. With the greatest of ease Santé draw a bow from the past to club music of today. Whether you want to dance or just revel in relax mode, enjoy a warm breeze of Deep House at its best.Open up your windows, let in some fresh air: à la santé!