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Here is the 2006 version of the annual remembrance of George and John.

As I note in the opening, this is that odd time where we are between the deaths of George Harrison, November 29, 2001 and John Lennon, December 8, 1980- two former Beatles.
If you had the unparalleled joy of growing up with the Beatles, as they grew with us, and watching them develop into the what I will always call the Greatest Group That Ever Existed, then you know the sadness and mourning the loss of those 2 lads brought us.
And still exists to this day.
Thankfully, that negative can never approach the joy and pure fun their music contributed to our lives.
They were on Mt. Olympus, and we all were all happily looking up to them, eager for their next album and lesson therein. The Beatles spoke to us individually, yet we were unified in our reverence for them. They changed the music for the better, and made us better in the process.
That is why the loss of any of the Fab Four will always be personal.
I can honestly say- no Beatles, then I don’t love music the way I do!
In my constant effort to bring a different angle to these shows, in Part One we will concentrate on George and his legal problems, using music to do so.
Beginning with, in my opinion, the unfair lawsuit brought against him for plagiarism, and continuing with all the suing going on over the Beatles breakup.
You will find that George had a biting, sarcastic wit that could be dead on- and very much in evidence in some of these songs. We will take an entirely different look at John in Part Two.