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I want to let women who I dated from there know that they are in my book, Internet dating kings diaries and I am on TV all over the world and have two books out because I was a down and out alcoholic a few years ago, everyone had given up on me, I also left School in 1965 not able to read or write properly, Dyslexic not known then but look at me now thanks to online dating, I am an Author with two books out and I have just been on BBC America TV for the 5th time and Sky TV for the 5th time as well, this was my 17th UK TV appearance with 1 of 5 documentaries that I have done and been on TV 38 times all over the world, that's counting UK as well as BBC America, Australia, all over Europe, Canada, Asia and New Zealand but my main aim is to help other alcoholics out there as well as Dyslexic People, 3 of my docs can be seen on Google Search, (My 100,000 lovers), (Love Rat & Proud) & (Studs of Suburbia) and type in Clive Worth. My second book is, (Internet Dating Kings Diaries), I have Photos of Me on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Yahoo Flickr and Photobucket