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Germination Methods 101 & Spotting Males from FemalesCannabis in Canada is back with this cool movie acting as a sister video to an earlier germination video. In this three month long video Jason explains and demonstrated the paper towel method of germination as well as a greenhouse brief description of the method. The video will also cover a host of cultivation concerns when growing from seed.The movie will have a total of six strains three from seed and three from clone. All aspects of the seeds will be covered up till they show their sex. Jason will go into detail on how to spot and separate your males from the females also while looking at the phenotypes being displayed by each respective strain.As always this movie is a working progress many viewers have suggested keeping the movies live and in effect thus we have on this the last one. If my crop fails I will share that with you and so forth as with raids, inspections, or the like. We always have a one month delay between releases for security reasons this said it remains a great risk to bring you this information.Hope you enjoy the show!Jason WilcoxCannabis in Canada