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Just before I went to Spain, and as I was busy preparing to release This One's For Joe, BBC Radio 6 did a week of shows dedicated to Joe Strummer. They replayed 4 of the shows from 2001, I recorded them off-air and they are here for you in the feed/clicky linky.

Also included is the great show by Don Letts they did on the Saturday, with his memories of Joe Strummer and an unreleased BAD demo that Joe wrote. Very good listening, but it's sadly too large for the other server and is on my 20Gb daily limited archive account, so if the bandwidth gets blasted and it's unavailable, come back the next day or so.

If anyone from BBC Radio reads this, apart from as Negativland said 'please don't sue us' we want MORE STRUMMER LONDON CALLING SHOWS. It'd be great to hear a podcast or repeat of all the shows., 1998-2001. Pretty please.

If anyone can ID the songs and/or the original 2001 transmit dates of the shows, I'd be very grateful.

Joe Strummer London Calling Show 1 (2001/repeated 17/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 2 (2001/repeated 18/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 3 (2001/repeated 19/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 4 (2001/repeated 20/12/2007)

Don Letts Clash City Radio tribute to Joe Strummer (transmitted 22/12/2007)

(Those with podcatchers who can't handle multiple enclosures will have to download all but the first one manually - I'm not doing a post for every show!)