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I have re-edited and re-posted this video because the original version contained a couple of short clips from videos by Island Records and UMG. This meant that adverts were displayed on the video page. In addition, the video wasn't available in many countries including Australia, Costa Rica, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal. If this re-edited version is still not available in these countries then we can conclude that YouTube is actively censoring the video in order to restrict the number of views.Anyway, please remember to rate, comment and share this video so that we can wake up as many people as possible. Thanks :)http://www.CuttingThroughTheMatrix.comBack in the late 70's and early 80's when hip-hop was in its embryonic stages, most rap and hip-hop tracks had a happy-go-lucky vibe, with lyrics that talked about such things as who was the best MC or DJ. There were more serious rappers, like Grandmaster Flash, who rapped about life in the ghetto. But even then, the songs had an overall positive vibe and the lyrics, although sometimes a bit deep and serious, usually tried to positively educate the young listener by speaking to them on their level and using terms that they can relate to. It was when we reached the mid 80's that hip-hop really started to evolve and many sub-genres started to develop. There were artists like Rob Base, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, Tone-Loc, De La Soul, and countless others.Whatever you thought about any of these artists, hip-hop had a sense of honesty and integrity about it. For the most part, it appears that the genre sprang out of the grassroots. A lot of rap artists had actually lived the kind of life they rapped about. To some extent or other, many of them had already gained first-hand experience of the guns, drugs, racism, gang warfare, and the general despair of living life in the ghetto. For example, many of these issues were covered in a song called Colors, by Ice-T. In this song, Ice-T plays a character who lives this kind of life. Ice-T admits that he didn't personally live that kind of life but the character is based on the kind of person who does. Then a couple of years later, a rap outfit called NWA started rapping about the same issues in their debut album, Straight Outta Compton. And although the music was very good, they gave the misleading impression that they were actually living lives as gangsters in the ghetto. But in reality these guys were living millionaire lifestyles in the lap of luxury. I personally found this to be somewhat hypocritical and it was at this point that I realised that hip-hop had been taken over by the marketing gurus, who weren't just selling a lie, they were selling it to kids under the pretence that artists like "Vanilla Ice" had actually tasted life in the ghetto - yeah right!Now hip-hop has reached the stage where it is being used to predictively program the minds of today's youth. In addition, many of today's top hip-hop artists are clearly involved to some degree in secret fraternal orders. They even have the audacity to flash masonic symbols all over the place. To me, this is an insult to the people who buy their music, and it shows that freemasonry has infiltrated just about every part of society, right down to the grassroots levels. I mean, if you can't even buy an album from your favorite rap artist without being predictively programmed and bombarded with masonic symbols and terms, then what is the world coming to?Don't get me wrong though, there are still plenty of great rap artists out there who haven't been compromised by the elite - such as Immortal Technique. And even the ones who have been compromised in some way, are not necessarily bad people and they may not even know that their strings are being pulled. All I can advise people to do is be aware of the symbolism, and be aware of how the music and film industries are being used to alter our behaviour by influencing the way we think about things.--------------------------------------Find out more about predictive programming, trans-humanism, secret societies, freemasonic infiltration of pop culture, eugenics, globalism, population-control, false left/right political paradigm, false-flag terror, and much much more by going to Scroll down a bit on the home page and you'll see a box on the left for Free Audio Downloads. Click on this and you'll find countless hours of radio broadcasts from Alan Watt. Listen to these regularly. I guarantee you'll learn more about the world in just one hour with Alan Watt than you will from a whole year of listening to the mainstream media. The website also has video downloads and a wealth of information about the illuminati. An absolute MUST for all truthseekers.NufffRespect