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This afternoon, the Hyattsville H4X held a forum with all four candidates for Hyattsville's Ward 2 special election. Present were Nkosi Yearwood, Jim Groves, Vincent Swanson and Bill Tierney. Podcast hosts Tim Rogers and Chris Condayan served as the moderators. The forum lasted for just over an hour with each candidate limited to 2-minute responses to the following questions:

What is your name, how long you have been a resident of Hyattsville and, why did you decided to enter the race?

Please tell us what strengths and qualifications you would bring to the city council?

Which political party are each of you affiliated with and why?

Each of you have gone door to door in Ward 2 to talk with all of your neighbors, what in your opinion is the number one concern for people in Ward 2, and please tell me what you would do to address that concern?

In Hyattsville H4X Episode 8 Tim and I pondered the expanding geography of Hyattsville through recent annexations. What effect are these annexations having or going to have on city services and how would you address these problems?

In 2005, the City of Hyattsville started the Pavement Rehabilitation Program and the rate at which this project is progressing is a big concern for Ward 2 residents. What are some of the issues the city has encountered in completing this project? And, what is right and what was wrong with the way the paving project is currently being handled?

Recent results from the Hyattsville Identity Survey shows that the community prides itself on diversity, how well would you rate the city's commitment to communication with these diverse communities and what are some of your ideas on ways the city can better support these communities?

Economic growth is on the move in Prince Georges County and Hyattsville has been attracting a lot of new development. Do you personally want to see Hyattsville become destination location and, if so, is our infrastructure prepared to handle the anticipated influx of people?

Hyattsville is taking great pride in the development of the new Arts District. Tell me, what have you done personally to support local artists or the arts in general?

In the limited time we had we missed covering many topics residents are interested in, but there are two other chances to hear the candidates respond to residents' concerns:

1. The HOPE List, which is the Hyattsville Organization for a Positive Environment list-serve on Yahoo! Groups, has solicited questions from list-serve members, distributed the questions to each of the candidates and will post the candidates answers to the list-serve in a few days.

2. The Citizens of Ward 2 is also hosting a live forum at the City of Hyattsville's Municipal Building located at 4310 Gallatin Street on Thursday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m. For more details on this event, call the Hyattsville Reporter at 301-985-5009.

Now get out and vote on July 18! Voting booths will be set up at Magruder Park off of Hamilton Street. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

(Due to the length of this forum we opted not to play music at the end of this podcast.)