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On Friday of last week, I recorded my last "Across the Sound - The New Marketing Podcast" ever. The podcast I began 2 years ago with Steve Rubel, named "Across the Sound" as Steve lived in Long Island and I, in Westport, CT, hit 93...falling 7 shy of the big 100.

...or did it?

Starting today, Across the Sound is rebranded and renamed as....Jaffe Juice (ta-da!) Sounds simple enough...and it is. For all the right reasons, it made total sense to bundle and consolidate both social media assets (blog and podcast) under one umbrella brand.

I'm looking into forwarding/redirecting the feed (I believe that's possible) which seems like the obvious solution. Another one is just to subscribe to Jaffe Juice in iTunes (or your favorite podcatcher) - the direct iTunes link is here. Also, if you're not a listener, take this opportunity to subscribe and give it a shot.

And so, if you want to get the Juice, you can in its two forms: text and audio (and who knows....shudder...and some point soon, video as well...which is a bad idea as I've been told I have a face for radio) Jaffe Juice - the New Marketing Podcast will continue where ATS left off as JJ #94.

Part of the timing is to coincide with the launch of my book, Join the Conversation, and part of the reason is to celebrate a new partner. As of today, I'm thrilled to announce a 12-episode partnership with Deliver Magazine, an innovation-focused web and print magazine,

published by the United States Postal Service. The press release is here

The partnership will last roughly 12 episodes and will take Jaffe Juice through the 100th episode (as many of you will recall, I set out to find a sponsor for this milestone...and I did!)

Each week, the editorial team at Deliver will send in an audio vignette, which will focus on a common area of interest in the field of innovation. I will respond to the question, comment, and/or meme and then invite the Jaffe Juice (ATS) community to do likewise. I'll also be contributing 6 articles to the magazine and 6 thought leadership pieces to Deliver's website over the next 12 months. To kick off the association, I'll be signing books tonight at a USPS reception.

The folks over at Deliver Magazine, USPS, Campbell-Ewald (USPS' agency) and myself have worked hard at this and I'm really proud of where we ended up. It's further proof that podcasting is real, substantial and valuable. To be honest, I never thought I'd be on this side of the equation, but irrespective I now have my own example (from the inside-out) of a podcasting sponsorship outside one of the anemic handful of ones usually brandished about.

It's a strategic and integrated initiative and I truly hope (I have a say in the matter) it "delivers" (sorry) the goods and the value that is being sought from this conversational experiment. One thing that is also very cool is how open everyone is to this being an evolving association i.e. letting it unfold and grow naturally.

fyi - check out Deliver Magazine and give it a trial (the subscription is free) It will surprise you big time. You can also subscribe to the feed. Nice!

JJ #94 is available for your downloading pleasure here